Christmas with the Luptons

We spent Christmas eve watching Thor and Man Up. Alright, so they aren’t really Christmas movies but it was still a lot of fun!

After all, isn’t Christmas just about being with your loved ones?

Merry Christmas from the Luptons

Merry Christmas from the Luptons

On Christmas day, we slept in late and then jumped right to brunch, which my lovely hubster made. aaahhh I love him so much! It is the little things that make me so happy! We skipped the presents this year, as usual, because to be honest we buy each other stuff throughout the year and as we are together for longer, the nature of these presents has turned from cutesy novelty stuff to shit we really like and want or shared stuff we can both use. Which is awesome! Because I hate giving and receiving useless novelty gifts or being pressured to buy gifts – I think it should come naturally. I am not bashing gift giving, if you like giving and receiving gifts, do it!!

Oh and we also watched Couple’s Retreat (lol) and Four Christmases – which was hilarious. I liked Four Christmases a lot more though.

It was also really nice to hear from my in laws over Christmas, they are super fuzzy! We ended the day on a high note by listening to music we both like – singing along and just laughing. 🙂

Then I spent a bunch of time getting New Year gifts for my sis just because! See? I am not a gift hater :p

I did manage to not do any work over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I am very proud of myself for that. If you know me personally, you know that I am always working – whether on work stuff or volunteer projects.

How was your Christmas?

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