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In 2010, while visiting my parents in Montreal, I chanced upon a small family run bookstore. It was a small, cosy place with a few sofas and around 8 to 10 bookshelves choke full with books of all genres and sizes. It was a literary heaven! I found books that I had been searching for years and that have gone out of print!

That’s where I came across ‘A slipping down life’ by Anne Tyler. What I like about Ms Tyler’s books are that they aren’t long winded or boring and her true to life characters make it easier for the reader to relate to the story and the characters. In fact, the aforementioned bookstore seems like a place right out of one of Tyler’s books!

Anyways, this particular book is about a girl named Evie, an oversized, shy teenager who falls in love with a would be rockstar named Casey Drumstrings and slashes his name across her forehead [talk about dramatic!]. As is the case with most of Tyler’s books this book will ring true with a lot of people especially teenagers [hint hint beliebers;) or any hardcore fans really!]. It’s not a cheerful book but nobody said life is a bed of roses. I won’t give away the plot but you should really pick up a copy of this book next time you are at the bookstore or the library. I am providing a link to Amazon in the side bar just in case you want to purchase it! You could watch the movie too but I always feel like you get more out of a book than a movie.

P.S: Casey Drumstrings, in the book, was described as a tall lanky guy with long hair but last week on twitter I came across an upcoming singer named Jack Skuller who looks like what I would imagine Casey to look like. You know that feeling when you see someone and you think, “hey! I have seen you somewhere before’? That’s the feeling that I got! I have heard a sample teaser of his music and it sounds good! You can give it a listen over here!



It’s time for another one of my book recommendations. This one was a chance encounter and I couldn’t be happier. For me, and i am sure this holds true for many people, it’s important that I can relate to a book. I do enjoy a little bit of fantasy at times for instance Harry Potter but a book that is down to earth is always a fun read.

I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the works of Dany Laffrriere but he is a francophone Haitian and Canadian novelist and journalist and all of his work is in French. However, most, if not all of his work has been translated into English!

The reason why I read his book is because I am a wannabe writer [if you already didn’t know that by now ;)] and I wanted to have a look at some of the works by Canadian authors since I now reside in Canada. This was just to get a feel of the literary scene in Canada.

In this literary quest, the first book i read was ‘I am a Japanese Writer’ by Dany Laffrriere. Needless to say i thoroughly enjoyed it since I am recommending it, but something funny also happened. This book coupled with a recent trip to Japan sparked off my love for Japan and it’s culture. Why is that funny you ask? because this book has nothing to do with Japan! Yup! there i said it!

When I first started reading it, I was wondering when on earth is he going to visit Japan or at the very least talk about it! However, this book is more on his ramblings about Japanese people he has met or imagined [yup he just pulled some characters out of thin air and then made them vanish just as quickly as he had conjured them].

I won’t lie, it was an odd read for starters but you start enjoying it once you get the hang of things and at the end of the day it feels like Laffrriere is talking directly to you and that to me is nothing short of pure genius.



Mitch Albom is one of my favourite authors so it was only apt that i started off my book recommendations with one of his books. What i love about his books is the fact that they are so down to earth and everyone can relate to them on some level. I am not criticizing other authors but we all know that some authors fail to consider that. I guess that’s the difference between mediocre and great writers?

I have read all of his books. It started off as a way to improve my English but slowly became an obsession and I am glad it did.

Second reason why i love his books so much is because he doesn’t use bombastic words for no reason at all. Trust me, there are writers who become so obsessed with their literary pursuits that they forget that humans will be reading their books not dictionaries or computers. But i suppose with kindle that problem has been more or less solved because you can instantly check the meaning. However, at least for me, that just kills the whole joy of reading a book. Furthermore,  i am a strong proponent of print media and it kills me a little each time i see a book store closing because they can’t reach the target sales.

Ironically, today there are more writers and bloggers than there ever were before but still it can’t sustain the print media. Well, i guess we all have to get used to change.

Anyways, I immensely enjoyed ‘have a little faith’ and i recommend it to everyone who is looking to read a heart warming book.

I really appreciate book recommendations and if there are books you think i will enjoy. Leave me a comment!



7 thoughts on “Books that tickle my fancy

  1. Nice post, Canadian literature is very interesting. I wonder if you’ve read Atwood’s poetry? It deals very forcefully with the problems of Canada. I’d recommend the collection, True Stories. Oh and there’s this Indian expatriate in Canada, called Rohinton Mistry. He’s brilliant, though he doesn’t really write much about Canada in particular.
    Since you liked I am a Japanese writer, I’m sure you’d enjoy this other great book, If on a Winter’s night, a Traveller.
    I’m reading Gordimer for my African Lit class, and I’ve been
    recommending My Son’s Story to anyone who can read.
    what other books have caught your fancy? I’m always looking for new books and I’d love your inputs.

    • Hey Nimisha!
      I have not really had the chance of reading a lot of poetry but occasionally I do enjoy reading works of Sylvia Plath and Basho (Japanese haiku poet) oh and also Ghalib, Mir Taqi Mir and Iqbal 😉 But I will definitely check this out!
      The thing about poetry is that if it doesn’t strike a chord with you then it just becomes very mundane. So you like poetry?
      I’ll be updating this section soon. Keep a lookout! and keep recommending 🙂

      • Speaking as someone who has her Romanticism exam in 4 days, I have very little patience with certain kinds of poetry. But Atwood, she’s good. Her novels are good too, if you’re not into her poetry. (Rec: the Handmaid’s tale and the blind assassin.)
        Wow, Ghalib and co in the original? That’s impressive!

      • haha thank you!but I do that rarely.Good luck with your exam! I think I am going to add another book to this list today.

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  3. Hmm,

    There is this poet I stumbled upon, a good 20 years or so ago while trying to find something to study for my English class in highschool. I was thankful to have one of the cool English Teachers, kinda like Robin Williams’ character in Dead Poet Society, but not so hammy over the top. Anyways, check out this link.

  4. I have to say this is one of my favorite authors and yes I too have read all of his books, they are simple to read, and understand in an every day kind of reading for a wide variety of audiences. Thanks for stopping by my blog. YOU ROCK!

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