March 2018

How is it March already? Every January I talk about blogging every week and then by this time each year I just stare at my blog and say oh no.
Anyways, I figured that if I implemented a template, it will be easier for me to at least do one post a month. So here it is!

March Mantra

Limit access to your mental space.

In March I will try to 

1. Donate more baby clothes and stuff lying around the apartment
2. Not to buy more than 3 books (already purchased one)

Current Reads

Lessons / Reflections from February

1. Happiness isn’t the end goal, it is a journey.
2. Cut negative people out from your life. Life is too short to entertain that negativity
3. Believe in yourself and say what you mean and if people don’t like you for speaking the truth… then it is their problem, not yours.

Things I was proud of in February

1. I had some incredibly fruitful conversations with people I admire
2. Joined the board for Code for Canada

Those are all the updates from my end for now! How is your year so far?