Things that make internet a scary place

I was going to think of an opening paragraph but I couldn’t so here is the list… [No I am not trying to be ‘unintentionally’ funny, I really couldn’t!]

5) Creepy stalkers

If you think creepy stalkers are only the stuff of Hollywood movies, think again. Funnily Hollywood has now romanticized the notion of being a stalker, what with Edward watching Bella as she sleeps? *SHUDDERS*

But I am not talking about Edward nor am I talking about the kind of stalkers who from time to time leak nudies of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, which by the way we all know you immensely enjoyed! and the multibillion porn industry thanks you for your pervy pursuits!

I am talking about real life murderous stalkers like this guy who killed his EX girlfriend (which she obviously was for a reason, you psycho!) because he couldn’t tolerate her posting pictures of herself with her new boyfriend on Facebook.

Now, I am not saying that social networking sites are bad but keep your personal information to yourself and if your ex shows murderous tendencies then block him/her.

4) Scams

Although, people are aware that internet scams are abound, an alarming number of people still manage to get conned.

I, for one, never believed that anyone could fall for or for that matter even be using the ‘Oh! I sent you a cheque for more than what you asked for, now please transfer the rest through Western Union’ trick until someone tried to do it to me! Even sent me the cheque! If you think something is amiss then run a google search about the scam. Most sites like Craigslist do have a scam warning section.By the way Craigslist,between you and I, you are one of the spammiest websites I have ever seen!

3) Pedophiles 

When it comes to creepy and bizzare people, internet has seen more than it’s fair share but what I still fail to comprehend is why would adults want to molest kids. Just talking about it makes me shudder and makes me want to throw up!

While Herbert the Pervert is all funny and fine and dandy, the real life pedophiles are more like this guy.

2) Internet gaming = dying babies?

Whoever would have thought that this was even remotely possible! In 2010, a couple in South Korea neglected their 3 month old daughter while they raised an e-child in a game. And the nominees for the parents of the year award are…

And the number 1 reason that makes internet a scary scary place is… 

1) Children having access to the internet

Back in high school, a friend of mine introduced me to a mildly violent internet game (I can’t recall the name) and when you logged on to the site they asked you whether you were 18 years of age or above. The first time I logged in I was terrified (not because of the sh*tty effects but due to the age restriction), I even contemplated asking my mom for permission!

However, that’s not the case these days and parents, if you honestly think your little ones are online just playing Ben 10 games and listening to Polly Pocket then boy are you mistaken!

I have taught a couple of kids and their normal way of talking goes something like this…

I wish I could say this was the case with just one or two children but sadly it isn’t. Talking like that may still be ok. after all, what do I know I am just an old lady stuck in the body of a 24 year old. However, these kids are a target of all the perverts and pedophiles lurking in the dark and the not so dark corners (twitter) of the internet and though the kids may believe that cursing and swearing makes them all grown up (after all adults do it!) they really are kids!

And believe you me they can go to crazy extents to look cool amongst their peers!

Don’t believe me? Just log on to twitter or tumblr and explore the world of pre teens 🙂

So what’s on your list?