Lea was quiet at first, she didn’t want to say anything.

Couple of times, she parted her lips but no sound came out. As he sat himself down across the table from her, all she wanted was to shake him up and tell him not to lie anymore.

She didn’t want to hurt him. In fact, even after all of his lies she wanted to be there for him, but clearly this wasn’t working.

Her brain screamed RUN but her heart told her otherwise. She sighed heavily and just tried to regain her sanity.

Sipping on her cup of tea, she thought about all the things she liked about him.

‘It’s not too bad,’ she thought to herself, ‘we all have our little quirks. Maybe just maybe he will have a change of heart.’

Oh what will she do…


So hey there lovely people! Haven’t blogged in forever! Have just been busy with school and work but here I am! Who is doing Nanowrimo this year? Let me know! I love you all! x

And the above is for Nanowrimo, I know this is not well edited and I am still working on things but I’ll get there, I hope!

A Page From My Diary



She was torn between doing the right thing and the wrong thing that felt so right.

‘Is the right thing really all that right?’ she asked herself, ‘or could it be that I am just imagining things?’

Lea hated her awkwardness at times and this was definitely one of those times.

She couldn’t believe she was the same person anymore. Who was this person really? All her life she had taken carefully measured steps, so what had changed in just a few months?

Just a couple of months ago she would have given up the world for James but now her memories and thoughts were clouded by visions of Christopher.

Christopher was all that James wasn’t; smart, refreshing and delightful. It was all in the eyes, she told herself. She wasn’t quite sure where this was going to take her but she was willing to find out…


Credits: Moi – Picture taken in Montreal