2017 – Day 1 – Noisy Neighbours, Locking my Husband Out, TBR pile and more!

Last night, my neighbours threw a kegger and were at it till 6:30AM. I am an old soul and it is really not my sort of thing – so obviously I was royally pissed off.

I mean, 6:30AM? COME ON! First rule of living in an apartment building is to keep the noise level to a minimum. Hopefully this is a one time New Year’s thing only. Here’s to hoping.

I also ended up locking my husband out on the balcony at 2 am because I was super annoyed and slammed the door too hard… OOPS!
Thankfully I was able to pry it open after 15 minutes or so. Though in my head I was like, “FUCK! now I will have to call the noisy neighbours for help or the fire department!”
I was extremely relieved when the door opened up. PHEW!

Started the day off by taking a nice warm shower because I am worth it! :p
Here are the 3 songs I listened to first thing today!

I met Indiana, an incredibly talented Australian singer in 2013 at Canadian Music Week and she is just the best!

Luca is a German singer whom I also met at Canadian Music Week 2 years ago as well and her songs have stuck with me ever since then!

Ooooh these were followed by Who Run The World! because obviously!

In short, at least musically, I feel like I started the year off on a high note! (pun intended :p)

Afterwards, we left for brunch with a few friends and then I came home and crashed! Because let me tell you, Ria cannot can barely function on 4 hours of sleep.
And here I am after a 4 hour nap… ahhhhh bliss.

January TBR pile

Here is my TBR (To be read) pile for January and I am really excited to get started! Hopefully this year I will do some reviews on the blog as well. I’ve been getting pretty good at doing them on my instagram page.

Also, I’ve been in the worst reading slump imaginable, so here’s to hoping I can do better this year!

So that was my day! Not too bad in retrospect… Friends, family, good food, good reads and rest is what I always need.
What about you? How is 2017 treating you so far?