Is it possible to be friends with people who you previously found impossible to be friends with?

So you’ve probably heard and read lots about how it is possible to outgrow you friends, mentors and so and so forth but I’ve recently begun to notice that it is also possible to make friends with people you previously thought you could never be friends with.


I know someone, let’s call her Veron (I don’t know why I picked that name lol). Veron and I were never really friends. In fact I thought that she hated me but recently I have actually started enjoying hanging out with her.

The first time we hung out was a little forced but it keeps getting better with time. I am really hoping that this isn’t a disaster waiting to happen but actually something that is blossoming into a long lasting friendship. This situation is not just unique to Veron. It has happened with other people too.

Have you ever become friends with people that you never in a bajillion years thought you’d be friends with?