Thoughts for the moment – First day back at work, ESTA and Donald Trump

So yesterday felt like a Monday in more ways than one. I was so freaking exhausted, which is weird because I just had a 2 week long vacation. But at least I made it to work on time and didn’t switch off my alarms (yes, there are always multiple!)

Part of the reason behind the exhaustion is that I really didn’t stick to my bedtime routine during the holidays and that always screws things up. Here’s to hoping that I can set it back again.
Also, our noisy neighbours kept us up multiple nights in a row, so I blame some of the exhaustion on them. But I was really not alone in this general state of tiredness, I saw a few people yawning at work throughout the day too. I guess that makes it better?


This was me about 15 minutes into the work day

Oh and I applied for an ESTA because I am travelling for work this Saturday and OMFG! they ask you for so much freaking information. They even wanted my social media accounts but thankfully that is STILL optional.

Anyways, as far as I am concerned, privacy is an illusion. Too real? But seriously, this is nuts. I have never had to fill out this detailed an ESTA prior to this. Wonder why that is but I guess better safe than sorry?


There is so much due diligence around the visa waiver program but not enough around electing The Donald? The man doesn’t even pause to breathe, let alone think before he speaks or tweets for that matter.

Yesterday he tweeted some gems (read: random redundant non fact based nonsense) about GM and their stocks fell almost immediately. Most of his tweets are not fact checked or backed by data. He just tweets or says whatever his supreme orange heart desires 😀 but like MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN YOU GUYS! *insert eye roll*

Who needs stock market experts? just get The Donald to manage your social media. That’s all I have to say for now.

I hope your first day back at work was a lot more fruitful and less tiring than mine!