The Hunger Games or as Charles Darwin refers to it, The Survival of the Fittest

Ok so I know I should be focusing on The Uninspired Chronicles, but I just had to do this post!

A few disclaimers first: I haven’t read the book and I am not claiming to be a fan of the series!
I won’t lie, I was a bit skeptical at first, what with all the negativity and the racist remarks being made about the casting. Honestly, it is just a movie! learn to enjoy it!

The Hunger Games


First off, the movie has a very Nazi Holocaust meets Survivor vibe to it. Holocaust was evil and well so is the Hunger Games. No, I am not saying that I love the Holocaust or evil people but that the plot was interesting! *GEEZ*

The Game maker and some of the people staying in the city looked like clones of the Jersey Shore cast * Oh the HORRORS* andΒ I guess it doesn’t help that they were a bunch of sadistic looneys…


…the rest of the people staying in the city looked like they had just jumped right out of Alice in Wonderland and were high on LSD. Oh how delightful πŸ˜€ Loved their costumes, I mean what’s not to like?

Colorful… GOOD!
Shiny… GOOD!

*I totally didn’t copy that line from Joey (FRIENDS) because I am original!wheeeee!*

Loved Katniss, the lead, because she kicked some serious butt. I guess that’s the biggest reason why I liked the movie, there is just something so compelling about strong and independent women!

Also, Katniss wears a gown during the introduction ceremony thingy and when she twirls in it, flames come out. COME ON! everyone loves gowns that they can automatically set on fire right? I mean that’s totally not a fire hazard? right? right? NO! -_- I can totally imagine Lady Gaga wearing that gown though! Plus who needs pepper spray when they have flammable gowns! Take that rapists and creepy stalkers! So oh well that still goes in the list of likes!

Loved Rue, she was such a doll. It’s beyond me why anyone would hate on her. It’s like hating Bambi. NOT POSSIBLE!

Oh and yes the movie teaches us the importance of friendship blah blah blah… BOOOORRIINNGG! No but seriously that made me cry 😐 *awkward*……moving on……


The romance between Katniss and Peeta seemed very forced. Also, it didn’t help that the guy sitting behind me started giggling like a 5 year old girl when Katniss and Peeta were about to share a kiss. -_- AND they didn’t even kiss! BUZZKILL!

Also, didn’t quite like the moving and shaking camera bit. I get it that the Black Swan has made that cool but seriously Hollywood unless you are trying to organize a puke fest please don’t do that again. Thank you.

What the movie is all about or what I make of it anyways…

At the end of the day, the movie is really about the world as we know it today. Kill each other, use each other and call yourself a winner πŸ˜€

It’s just survival of the fittest and I believe Charles Darwin has a few words to say about the matter…

P.S: I know that Herbert Spencer coined the phrase, “the survival of the fittest” but let’s not get into too much detail. Darwin won’t like it, trust me I know.

Have you guys seen it? If so, what are your views?

To the hater who left me a comment 2 days ago…Yes yes my blog name is riatarded and I know it rhymes with retarded but be a little original. Okay? Thank you πŸ˜€