Tooth Extraction – The Dirty Truth about my Teeth

3 weeks ago, right about the time I got my yearly cold sore, I noticed a lump in my cheek. My first reaction was, what the fuck? Followed by panic and WebMD-ing the hell out of my condition.

WebMD said it could be an inflamed lymph node, a tooth abscess or maybe I had cancer.


Obviously I was terrified. Hence, I decided to call my doctor and a dentist that my friend recommended.

2 days later I was at the dentist’s office, where the hygienist had to give my teeth a good scaling – it took her almost an hour and that was just for half of my mouth 😐
Note to self: Take better care of your teeth!
Upon further examination, the doctor decided that I needed to have an infected tooth extracted. WHAT?


Now for those of you who know me IRL you know that I am terrified of dentists! Let’s just say an incident in 3rd grade left me in excruciating pain and the memory has been hard to shake.

This is what I have always imagined dentists to be like…


But anyways, I needed to get this done, if not for myself then for those around me (in my immediate vicinity) I have to be a responsible adult and all that. So I was like okayyyy fineeee I will do this. On the day that I had to go to the dentist, I was visibly shaking despite reassurances from numerous people that I will be fine. I was like yeah? what do you know? Your extraction was so long ago.

An incredibly kind uber driver who drove me to my extraction said that I will be completely fine and truth be told I was, I am…

I didn’t really feel the procedure at all and it took all of what seemed like 5 minutes to pull the tooth out.

SO why did I pull my tooth out? Because there was a cyst, which I really think was an abscess, the lump in my cheek is also gone. My family doctor – oh side note, after 5 years in Canada I finally have a family doctor! yay me! – said it was a lymph node but it was definitely a tooth infection :/


It has been 2 days since my extraction. My doctor chose not to put me on antibiotics or pain killers and to be honest I am not in pain of any sort, a little bit of discomfort sure, but not really any pain. Thank God for that.

Although I did drool a ton after the first few hours. Because they tell you not to spit out anything since they don’t want you to spit out the blood clot that’s forming.


I am eating mushy food like soups, pudding, mashed potatoes, mashed bananas, milk, smoothies and such but I am so hungry all the time and want to chew and eat real food but I am also trying to be good. So far so good.

Hopefully the recovery will be swift and I can get an implant in the next few months. Rest assured that I will be flossing and brushing every single day. I mean I have always brushed twice a day but that’s not enough. I am also doing salt water and baking soda rinses religiously and drinking a ton of milk!

Wish me luck as I embark on this journey to keep a healthier mouth πŸ™‚

How do you keep your teeth healthy and sparkly clean?