The ‘Me too! Me too!’ syndrome – do you suffer from it?

Ever had a friend, who always went “me too! me too!” whenever you said you had done something or something had happened to you? Or are you that friend?

Well, in any case it’s so bloody annoying when you are telling someone something interesting and they go me too! me too! Once, in a while it’s fine but how can it be that whatever happens to me happens to you too? Wait! are you me? Am i you? Now i am just confused!

I had the misfortune of having such a ‘friend’ in university and I use the word ‘had’ because I have cut all contact with her since I graduated and no it’s not just because of the fact that she suffered from the ‘me too! me too!’ syndrome or rather made me suffer due to it! but because of other reasons which i shall not elaborate here.

Anyways, so this particular person seemed to say nothing else apart from me too! me too! whenever I told her that something had happened to me. For instance, once at US customs a security personnel asked me if I am spanish because of my surname and when i told her she said… yes you guessed it… ME TOO! ME TOO! I mean what the heck? really? i mean your surname is so obviously indian like Patel! (that wasn’t her surname though!)

Being the nice understanding person that I am (ahem ahem!) I let it go but it just got worse. Somehow everything that happened between my boyfriend and I also seemed to happen between her boyfriend and her. How is that even possible? Every time? Really?

I presume, that if i had not cut contact with her, eventually this would’ve happened…

10 thoughts on “The ‘Me too! Me too!’ syndrome – do you suffer from it?

  1. LOL too funny! I do know some people like that! I don’t know which one is more annoying, the fact that they are interrupting you when they say me too, or the fact that there is no way they could possibly have done all of the exact same things that you have done!

  2. Haha, I am in the same position as you are. (Thank me for not saying “me too”) except my friend is MUCH MUCH WORSE. She insists that she was worst in doing so and she exaggerates it by going back to her childhood and how she experience it first. I hate it :/ She drives me nuts and maybe I should cut off all contact from her too! :/

    • LOL well if she isn’t malicious towards you then you don’t need to cut off contact with her. The girl I used to know (breaks into now you are just somebody that I used to know…SOMEBODY!) used to bitch about me and that wasn’t exactly pleasant!

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