Getting over a heart break 101

A heartbreak isn’t always necessarily caused by your better half. Sadly friends, family or anyone who is close to you or who you give a crap about can easily do it. Ah! life. But you need to be able to get over it. Here’s what happened…

A few days back I spoke to a friend whom I have not spoken to in a few months because well we fought. I know it seems childish and immature but people can be really immature and dealing with it is a part of life. A couple of months back this friend of mine was giving me sh*t and when I asked why, she told me that I should try to understand her because she was having a bad day. However she had been giving me sh*t for quite some time then and I believe I said something along the lines of, “Well you must be having a really bad life then because you are always throwing your crap around!” OUCH! I know, it isn’t one of my proudest moments and I feel bad but I have already apologized countless times and if she can’t forgive me then there is only so much that I can do! However, I am not one to give up easily and I will keep trying as long as I can! That conversation was followed by her blocking me from facebook, skype and such.

This happened about 3 months ago and a few days back I finally mustered up the courage to ask her if she is feeling alright now and the response I got was, “I am ok”. So i told myself see that wasn’t so bad and  maybe I can ask her if she has forgiven me because it has been 3 months. Sadly the response I got was, “I know and i don’t care!”. Another OUCH moment! I am a very emotional person and obviously I felt bad and heart broken. Hence i took out my recipe book and looked up the recipe to deal with a heart break and here I am sharing it with you now. Hope this helps 😉 

Amazingly swearing has a really therapeutic effect! Throw talking a good friend into the mix and you are good to go. However, the ‘talking to a friend’ ingredient should be added depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Follow this recipe as and when required and I can promise you it will yield results and will get you from…


How do you get over a situation like this?

P.S: Don’t overdo the ice cream bit in the recipe! Watch that waistline 😉

8 thoughts on “Getting over a heart break 101

    • haha but it’s the holiday season and I still want to be able to fit into my clothes. So I went easy on the ice cream. Though i threw some strawberries and fruits into the ice cream. Surprisingly, it was delicious!

  1. I think you should become a therapist; you’re only 24 and you’ve pretty much figured it out (really). Also, I like that you swear with symbols. And I know that you don’t like “me too-ers,” but that exact same thing just happened to me (I didn’t eat the ice cream).

    I am genuinely looking forward to following your blog.

    • Thank you! Believe it or not I am actually planning to pursue a masters in psychology haha. I love your gravatar, that was the first thing that i noticed about your blog!
      A ‘me too’ is allowed once in a while 😉

      What happened?

  2. Great recipe, I have used similar recipes myself but they were homemade. LOL. I have gone through a lot of heartache in my lifetime and I do not like emotional pain. My pain is the reason I started blogging in the first place. So I say that writing should also be added into the recipe…and positivity. The positive leap I took was one of faith…I started going to church and really paying attention while I was there. It has worked wonders for me so far!

    As far as your friend goes, I may be a bad person to talk to because my tolerance level is very low now after everything I’ve gone through, but I say move on. A friend is supposed to know and understand your sensitivities just like you are supposed to for them. It has been three months and she is still being an *ss about the whole situation. I’m sorry that you are going through that, but move on if she can’t forgive and forget. You don’t need the negativity in your life.

    Any conversation that touches on Psychology is a great one! I am interested in Forensic Psychology and I think that it is a very fascinating subject overall. I just love figuring out the human mind!

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