Cyber M-O-N-D-A-Y! what did you get?

I didn’t get much except a very very awesome deal from tofugu to learn Japanese. It’s called textfugu and if you want to learn Japanese I suggest that you should check it out. Of course I am using some other sources to learn Japanese too and if you need help just let me know!

Tofugu offers some free lessons as well. Over the next few weeks I will do some reviews to help others. However, I think it’s going to be positive and no Tofugu isn’t paying me to do this.

There was a lot of stuff that I wanted to buy but I didn’t need it and hence I decided against it. One of my goals for this month and next year is to do my bit to reduce the crazy consumerism. While modern life has provided us with a lot of comforts (God bless the people who came up with the dishwasher and the laundry machine!) we need to minimize if not curb unnecessary consumerism.

Also, I got a call regarding a job interview today and yes I was delighted but before calling me the HR manager dropped me an email so that I could get in touch with her. However, when I tried to call her, the call kept getting transferred to the voicemail. The HR manager had explicitly stated in her email that if I don’t call her by today, then they won’t reschedule the interview (it was a telephonic interview). Since, I was unable to get through to her I dropped her an email asking her about what I should do in such a situation. She replied immediately and wrote a 2 page long email regarding the importance of leaving voice messages (which for the record i did). Hmmm did she really think that I didn’t know how to leave a message?

Not only that, she called me after an hour or so and lectured me on the importance of voice mail. GOD! I knew better than to argue but it was annoying!

Has this ever happened to you?

And if you are learning Japanese do get in touch with me, I am currently trying to find people I can learn with. Moreover, would you like me to start another sub section to help people learn Japanese? Let me know!

Oh and here is a list of things that put the geez in technology!

13 thoughts on “Technolo-geez!

    • hahah honestly at the moment I am so desperate for a job that I just might. Just waiting for January and for more job postings after the holidays:)

  1. Wow, seriously, I can only speak for myself. But I couldn’t work for an organization that was stiff and righteous as that. If HR is any indication of what the rest of the company is like, I’d do a bow and say thank heavens.

  2. It’s nice to hear that you are learning Japanese. Are you doing it as a hobby or for work or some other reason? I lived in Okinawa and mainland Japan for a number of years and loved living in both places. Thanks for the tofugu link – it looks like a lot of fun.

    • Wow! So did you pick up Japanese while staying there? Were you working?
      I am currently looking into Graduate school and I think it would be great to be able to live and work in Japan once I am done. Apart from that I love learning new languages and I had to decide between Korean, Mandarin and Japanese. Obviously, Japanese emerged as the winner 🙂
      Yes! Tofugu is a lot of fun. I wasn’t able to find any Japanese courses near my place and thus decided to invest in Tofugu, I hope that I won’t be disappointed! If you do know about other sources to learn Japanese, please do share them.

      P.S: I would love to read more about your adventures in Japan.

  3. i wasted so many years at jobs i hated, thinking that “i needed the job desperately” all the while. i find myself wondering now how many choice jobs i missed out on as a result…

    Oh, and have fun learning Japanese – gambatte!

    • I think I ought to give that more thought!

      Japanese is fun but it’s a bit of a slow start! are you learning japanese by any chance?

      • Alas, all the Japanese i was ever going to learn has been learnt while i was living in Okinawa, and for years now it has been slowly falling from my mind through disuse…

  4. HR is not always a good indicator of the rest of the company. By nature, they are separated from other employees because of all the secrets they keep (payroll, discipline, hiring, firing). If the job sounds like a good fit and the hiring manager is OK, those are better indicators. Once in the company, your interactions with HR will be pretty limited. The HR manager lecturer is just a gate keeper to get through to the real decision makers. Best wishes with the job search.

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