38 thoughts on “Child Pageants

  1. I completely agree, I’ve watched Toddles and Tiaras sometimes and am repulsed by the way these parents treat their children. It seems that they never grew up and out of dolls and treat their kids as real life dolls and use them for money. I’ve seen fathers tell their 3 year old daughters that they have bushy eyebrows and that they need to shake their butts better.

    I thought parents were supposed to protect their children from becoming sluts not pushing them into it.

    • Precisely. As mean as this may sound I can totally imagine some of these kids growing up to be teen moms and being on the show. This is pretty horrid.

      The kids look much better without the makeup and the fake nails!

      • You are riatarded for sure!Your opinion is just that your opinion! You need to look at yourself and leave these kids and their moms alone! I am sure there is PLENTY of room for improvements in YOUR life!

      • No it isn’t fair. But fair wasn’t your original question. In fact this is so far from fair as to be closer to the side of child abuse, but perhaps only those of us with an intellect greater than a bag of hair are able to see it. The real problem is that shows such as Toddlers in Tiaras has such a following. You have to wonder who is turning this show on every week. It is disturbing.

      • One of the contestants’ younger brother said that going for a pageant is like picking rubbish out of a garbage can!

        I totally agree with you about it being very disturbing!

  2. We want kids to be competitive but in spelling bee, math and jeopardy. This is really pushing the envelope. We saw a much debated video that went viral on youtube couple of years back when bunch of eight years were shaking on Beyonce tune. There’s a reason we have a rating system for movies & games, similarly there needs to be minimum age limit for certain competitions.

  3. That’s sad…have you seen the movie, Little Miss Sunshine? It’s one of my favorites and deals with this sort of thing. Other feel good movies….per your request, The Shawshank Redemption, Freedom Writers, The Notebook (my daughter loves this one). Happy New Year!

    • Hey Patrice! Yes i have seen that movie and the girl is just so adorable!

      Thank you for the recommendations! Happy New Year to you too 🙂

  4. Sad, when parents (primarily moms, it seems to me) have to live vicariously through their children. Not healthy for parent or child. Can’t understand why these are supported for kids at these young ages. ~ Sheila

    • Precisely! I just think this is like stealing their innocence. Sure, some of them look adorable but I think going to extremes is not right! Furthermore, the same people complain when their kids turn into pretentious little ‘divas’!

  5. It`s a society problem.
    You don´t see that kind off sick pacing off children in Denmark where i´m from, either in sweeden, Norway, Finland.

    As long as it acceptable in the society to pace kids like you do in USA you will have that kind off child abusing activities

  6. When my eldest daughter was little, a neighbor (who also was my boss) suggested I put her in a beauty pagent. His daughter had been in several. I decided I wanted her to be appreciated for her brains and talent, so I declined. She was in gymnastics which I think helped her develop athletically and socially. (That can get dicey, too, if you plan to mortgage the house so your child might someday be in the Olympics. We didn’t go that route because then her interests shifted to being in school plays and other school activities.) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this? Isn’t it crazy? It’s like the maternal instinct is completely missing? Sadly, the trauma of the pageants is going to be only a small part of their problems when they get older. I imagine that these kids are from pretty dysfunctional families where the parents get their needs met through their kids. Ugh!!!!

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