Back to Basics: Are you not potty trained?

You know who you are!

Seriously, are you not potty trained?

Why on earth do people not flush after using the toilet? It’s not that hard really! It’s super gross and unless you are a caveman who digs a hole to poop in, this is unforgivable!

Airports should seriously start imposing fines on people who don’t flush or wet the floor.


Posters advising people on the flushing process could be highly effective as well.

So dear adults, who apparently don’t know anything about flushing or using the toilet, next time you are at a bookstore pick up a book to get potty trained. It is a life skill you could really use. If not, carry a shovel and go dig a hole and stop dirtying toilets.

Oh and please don’t even try to tell me that you were in a hurry and were about to miss your flight. Why?  Because once you leave your “stuff” un flushed, people curse you and you will probably be missing your flights for a long long time to come.

Feel free to print out the chart below at no cost at all and use it.

31 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Are you not potty trained?

  1. And I have just finished eating my meal. LOL
    But seriously, not having any loo etiquette just ’cause you’re this and that is highly unacceptable. Clean or die (read: get cursed).

    • Thank you! if I had a genie and he asked me for my one true wish, I think getting the world potty trained might just be ‘it’!

  2. blech! I don’t get it either. I have to wonder if these people never got over the “afraid to flush myself down the toilet” phase as children.
    I was in a public restroom when a lady walked out of her stall without flushing … I said, really? you’re not gonna flush that?
    she says, people use their feet to touch that handle after standing on this nasty floor
    so?? use your foot!! but don’t leave that sitting in the toilet

    • Wow! She could have easily used tissue paper to flush and then disposed it off.

      Flushing with feet? WOW! that’s a first haha I wonder how that works! Oh my Gosh! that made me laugh out loud! 😀

      Excuses Excuses i tell you 😉

      Such people should not be allowed in public loos!

  3. You’re a girl after my own heart! I. Love. This. Post =)

    My overwhelming phobia of public restrooms is due in large part to people’s unwillingness to understand what that jangly handle is for (I mean, come on, they even make them shiny to get your attention!)

    • haha I am glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      I have not seen a shiny one yet but I have seen rather elaborate ones and yes I have also seen dirty ones *I actually shuddered just at the thought of that*

    • I don’t! but I could make one! hahah

      It’s funny how fully grown adults can sometimes behave like a bunch of misbehaved children!

  4. I caught the headline of this post and just had to read it, and I’m glad I did. Just yesterday, was date night for us. Both at the restaurant and the movie theater I encountered an “unflushed” surprise. Two in a row. I kept saying to myself…what’s with people.? Then I told myself these were probably the same people who toss dirty diapers in the parking lot because they don’t want the stink in their car after changing them. Love the rant. You go!!!!

  5. Thank you for posting such a interesting, yet unhumanly disgusting blog post at the same time; it really is an issue which needs to be addressed and I fo one certainly agree regarding introducing punishments for offenders. Keep up the great work.

    • Thank you! I have already thought of a slogan, “Down with the junk” cause well you know you got to flush it… oh well at least I tried 😀

  6. I am going on a “stalk riatarded” marathon today and I have to agree, PEOPLE SHOULD FLUSH DAMMIT. My brother probably thinks he’s pooping in a bucket or something because he NEVER flushes. EVER. His poop is so disturbing to look at that I almost get mini heart attacks because I’m so grossed out by it’s looks and the smell…. Goodness, if you multiplied my bro’s poop by a hundred times, you’ll probably have an atomic stink bomb….. I don’t really know how that works but I’m sure something WILL HAPPEN if you multiply his poopie by that much.

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