Things on My Mind

Thingy number 1

So there is this person (I may or may not have a giant, titanic sized, mega crush on him) who asked people to help him out with something and I said Yes! and he said, “well I will talk to you via DM” (direct messages on twitter). As expected, I got really excited BUT (oh! oh!) since that day, he has been ignoring my tweets. Now, this thing that he needed help with, is open to public and I could just go right ahead and do it. Should I?

I know I Β sound like a teenager right now but I honestly don’t know what to do.



Thingy number 2

Everyone thinks about getting famous (don’t even deny it!) and there is a trend that people change their names in order to get famous; Lady Gaga did it, Lana Del Rey did it, James Dean did it (to a certain extent that is), Rebecca Black didn’t do it (well that explains a lot!). So keeping up with the holy tradition of name changing, I have decided that if I ever want to get famous, then I would have to change my name too. Sadly, I can’t think of anything beyond chunky funky monkey. Obviously, suggestions are welcome. If you were to choose a stage name for yourself, what would it be?Β 

Thingy Number 3

Louis Vuitton Condoms. What the hell! Why will anyone want to buy designer condoms that cost $68? Would you be willing to buy them?Β 

32 thoughts on “Things on My Mind

  1. For thingy no.1 I don’t think u should bother to help him! He ignored ur tweets when u wanna help him!
    For thingy no.2 no I will stay true to my name:)))

  2. He’s ignoring you? Fine. I say ignore him too.

    For thingy #2, I wanna be famous as a novelist. Watch out for Sherrill Fondre, world! (Sigh. A girl can dream.)

    Thingy #3, seriously?! *can’t see me but I’m rolling my eyes*

  3. Thing 1….You need to ignore him. He need YOUR help, and if you needs it so badly he knows where to find you.

    Thing 2. I have no idea. I have never considered changing my name, I like it , the only problem I have with it, is that people often pronounce it funny…but other than that I like being me.

    Thing 3. HAHAHA… What has the world come too? This is just so incredibly sad!

    • I am going to take your advice!

      Also, I don’t know what your real name is πŸ™‚ mine is ria by the way πŸ™‚ so riatarded is really just a take on the word retarded mixed with my name (OH NO! the secret is out! :p haha)

      Oh this is not the worst, Chanel apparently sold branded condoms for $279 for 12! Ok, now that is just ridiculous! If I am going to pay that much then that sh*t better be 100% safe!

  4. Thingy 1 – he knows where to find you. Crush? Stomp is what you should do. When he realizes his bad behavior resulted in no assistance and the loss of potential date mate he will be crushed.

    Thingy 2 – women change their names all the time when they marry, do we get famous for it? Serial killers are renamed all the time, do any of us want to be infamous? Many of us who write on the web, especially blogs do not right under our true names, for a variety of reasons, most of us will never be famous but still want to preserve our small privacy’s. Would I change my name to get famous, no probably not, in fact though my name used here is not my full legal name it is in part my ‘real’ name.

    Thingy 3 – now that is funny! I wonder if the actual condom is also stamped with the logo.

    • Hey!

      Thank you for the early morning laughs πŸ˜› You’ve got a point with the name changing! Now I am thinking that I want to keep my name after I get married!

      The condom actually just looks like a brown blob, really nothing special!

      • I hyphenated my name when I married. I did it for the sake of peace. When I had married previously I never changed or hyphenated, my name is my name. It is what I am known by and I like it, it is a part of my identity.

  5. Name change? Been there, though it wasn’t to be famous… Vivian Vacious. and we’ll call you Vi…

    On the first one, you made a commitment, keep the commitment, but let go the crush, because you will give off vibes he’ll read. Relationships tend to happen when we aren’t looking, and beyond an initial exploration as you have done, I’d move on.

  6. 1) Absolutely yes. Life is short, and potential embarrassment is a small price to pay for potential joy.
    2) How about Desiree Starr? Oh, wait–I pulled that from the ‘stripper name’ file. Best disregard.
    3) Under no circumstances. While sometimes necessary, condoms take a lot of the fun out of sex, and at any price higher than ‘FREE’ are a ripoff.

    • hahah can I just say that you convinced me and I took your advice for number 1 that is:)

      hahahah and I completely agree with you about condoms!

  7. I changed my name to “t” to become famous. I mean, it was popular enough to be included in the alphabet n’ all, right?

    For thingy 1, move on. I know – easier said than done, but much better than the alternative.

    For thingy 3, duh! I buy them by the boxload – they’re slimming!

    • LOL t! you always crack me up!

      Thingy number 3 is slimming? oh right right, because you will be spending so much money on them that you won’t have enough left to eat? 0_0 or is there some secret attached to this high end condom? Do tell πŸ˜›

  8. Number one…. The guy’s a bitch. He shouldn’t be ignoring someone as awesome as you! HOW COULD HE NOT WANT help from riatarded?! 😐 And with Twitter… who could possibly ignore you there? Unless he’s some super celebrity with crazed fans tweeting him every second then that’s when he could give an excuse not to notice you…. Don’t worry, there’ll be so much better guys out there for you, trust me πŸ˜‰

    Number two, well, my name’s originally Patricia Laudencia so I choose to keep my pen name, Pat Kay πŸ˜€

    Third… That’s pathetic. LV couldn’t get more pathetic with their highly over priced brown thrash bags.

    • hahahah Pat! I like your name! Pat Kay is cool πŸ˜€

      and yes, I mean how can he? riatarded is invincible and awesome and well riatarded right?:P you are sweet!

      haha No he isn’t some super famous celebrity! he was just being difficult! (attitude has to be earned!)

      I hate LV bags! they are over rated! but did you know that Chanel sells/sold condoms for $279 for a 12 pack? WHAT THE HELL!

  9. HI,
    I wouldn’t help the guy.

    I did have a pseudonym actually: Simone Chenevert. If I had one now, I would be Svetlana Epstein. I love that name. It is the REAL me.

    I think the LV condoms are cool, IF we can make water balloons out of them and throw them at the guy who ignored your Tweets.

    • hahahhah well I like that idea, but seriously I won’t spend so much money on him πŸ˜›

      Ooooh and I like your pseudonym! sounds very mysterious!

  10. For #1 I would say move on to someone who won’t ignore you. Or do what I do and flat out confront him as to why he’s been ignoring you. Better to clear things up and know where to go rather than to wonder.

    Thing #3 is hilarious. Its got to be a joke to actually see what kind of thigs crazy right people are willing to put their money into.

    • I think I might just confront him because he has annoyed me royally! His loss!

      Marc Jacobs sells them $1.50 a condom. If I was that desperate for designer condoms, I think I would go for that then LOL

  11. Thingy 1: Just go round to his house, wait in the bushes until he comes outside, then rape him. Boom. Sorted.

    Thingy 2: My stage name can only be Pierre Suave. Though I think that’s more a pornstar name.

    Thingy 3: I have no need for condoms, so no I wouldn’t buy em. Not that I’m sterile but because I have the other half on the pill. It’s the best way.

    • hahahha rape him? I blame you for putting that thought in my head πŸ˜›

      Yup! the pill always saves the day! I was amazed by how many people aged 20-28 actually don’t know how it works!

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