Day of Silence

So I saw on t’s blog that 20th April is the day of silence and I thought I’ll share something with you guys. Also, give t’s blog a visit to find out more about the ‘day of silence’.

So over the past few weeks I have noticed a trend, and I thought I’ll talk about it. Well its about gay paranoia! What is up with that?

Some of my guy friends have been complaining that they don’t want to hang around gay people. Firstly no one is forcing you to and secondly if you don’t want to then just don’t. gay or straight what is the difference really? Do you judge a musician who is gay and say your music is gay because you are gay! pretty absurd right? then why judge people?

I have a ton of gay friends and they are some of the nicest people i have ever met. They don’t hit on straight guys and they have a standard too you know.

What the hell do you mean when you say keep the gays away. Do gay people say keep the straight away? Pretty ridiculous if you think about it.

Sex and Gender are two completely separate things, and if you judge gay people then apparently you wouldn’t know you uneducated oaf!

In the context of Singapore a lot of people have been coming out of the closet, which I think is a great thing because there is no point living a fake existence trying to please society, if you are that way then so be it *lady gaga’s born this way is playing in my head right now!* However the public display of affection is a totally separate issue altogether. I do not like to see people drenching each other in saliva, be it gay or straight, but hey that is just my opinion!

Furthermore to my gay friends, I love and respect you guys. Peace.

30 thoughts on “Day of Silence

  1. I’m happy that my boys are growing up in a day and age when being gay is no longer so taboo. Although of course many opponents still exist, and we have a long way to go, it is nice to see positive images of gay couples on TV–“Modern Family”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, etc. Homosexuality will always exist. It has from early times and it will in the future. It is not a lifestyle “choice”. It’s time the world get over this bigotry and put all that energy to better use. Nice post.

  2. Thanks for the pingback, Love, and lovely post to boot =]

    I’m looking forward to the day when, instead of spending time talking about “gay issues” and “straight issues,” we’re just talking about issues. It will be only then that we’ll have a chance at resolving them.

    Peace back at cha!

    • Thanks t!

      Thank you for the post you did! I had no idea about the day of silence. Awesome concept but yes I agree I hope that all of us can move beyond this 🙂 xoxo

  3. As a certified queer, I thank you. 🙂 Amazing though, it is always straight folk who remind me of Day of Silence, a pox upon me for the forgetfulness.

    Funny thing about not hanging around gay folk… they likely are and don’t know it – yet.

    • hahah agreed!

      Even though this is a great concept, I really do hope that there will be a day when the LGBT community will be given the same acceptance level as heteros. It’s just sad to see that some people are so narrow minded.


  4. It’s so funny because I grew up around both gay and straight people and never thought it was an issue. Same goes for skin color. I had so many people in my life with so many different skin tones that I never imagined a world where that was not the norm.
    We are all people. We are all different and we are all the same.

  5. I’m with t. There are so many other things we need to discuss, I’ll be glad when we can stop looking at color, gender, and sex. Or am I just dreaming?

  6. I have so many things to say here but i’ll try to keep it short 😉 First, totally agree with you, [and about public affection] and agree with t’s comment. And love your sign here about gay marriage. So true. That this is even an issue has always irked me.

    Disclaimer – While I know there are hetro couples who truly love each other and health insurance becomes the deciding factor that they get married, not THE reason …. To quote myself LOL: “Same sex marriage has never been a threat to traditional marraige. The true threat to “tradtional marraige” is homewrecking women looking to steal established/older men for their health insurance.” I’ve seen this happen!

    And last, the Methodist Church used to have a great quote about accepting everyone, but I have little to no memory these days 😦 so can’t share ;( Bummer. But it was good and would’ve been perfect. 😉

    • hahah I will wait till you find the quote then :p

      I agree with your thoughts on same sex marriages. Also, home wrecking women are retarded! I don’t get why people want what ‘belongs’ to someone else.

      *hi 5* finally someone agrees with me that public affection can be……

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