Identity Crisis Resolved: I am a Liberal Feminist

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All was fine in Twitterville yesterday until… well until it broke down but that’s besides the point… I was labelled a liberal feminist. Now, being called a feminist is not a bad thing but the stereotypes attached to it and the extreme hatred with which the words were uttered was nothing short of f*cking ridiculous!

I am a feminist

It was not until last year that I finally began to explore / understand the concept of feminism, thanks to Karen Schulman Dupuis. Prior to that I had a rather negative view of feminism because, well, the media, more often than not, tells us that feminists are bra hating, hairy legged uncivilized buffoons.

media representation

But what feminism really is equal rights for women.

What is feminism

While the movement gained momentum in the 20th century, it has its roots in the French Revolution of the 1700s when women began to push for equal rights, (Side note: I am…

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