On being part of the rat race, finding your purpose and more | What’s on my mind

Short version of this post:

hmmm merp derp herp derp meeerrrrrrr meh

Long version:

One of those times where words are failing me or I can’t find the right ones at least. Feeling pretty bummy, not sure if that is a word but I have been feeling so BLEH for the past few weeks, not sure why…

So many people are like don’t run after titles, accolades and such but most of these people are wildly successful, at least they look like that to me. They then go on to tell you how if they could go back in time they’d tell their younger self to slow down and not worry at all. hahahahhahah

I hope they realize that in the first place we are listening to them because they are considered successful. If I could summarize all of these conversations they would all sound something like this:
“Be a bum. Just be lazy. No point in caring about your grades and while you are at it burn the house down too.”

I am so f***ing frustrated. UGH! F***!

Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do but it really bothers me when people tell me to slow down. What do you mean by slow down? How about you speed up?

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