Not being able to make time for everyone

The picture above, albeit a bad drawing, depicts almost everyone in the world today. Admit it, at one point or another we have all wished that there were more hours in the day and that is all fine and dandy.

What irks me are people who constantly complain about a lack of time and still fail to utilize their time in a productive way and take on more assignments than they can handle! Come on you know who you are! Once in a while i can understand you are really busy and you have things to do and can’t take out time for everything but you can’t let that happen all the time. If you are a working adult and can’t find time for your family, it’s really high time you struck a balance.

We all want to hang out with our friends but if you are constantly choosing your friends over your family then i really don’t know what to say to you except GET REAL! Life isn’t a bed of roses. If you want to write a book and can’t find the time for it then either make time or quit complaining about it all the time! Because honestly once or twice is fine but it pisses people off all the time!

Usually, I don’t really say all this to anyone but some of us could really use some tough loving and once you strike a balance you will really be happier.

I also updated my ‘Books that tickle my fancy’ section. So do check that out and as always, book recommendations are really welcome! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Not being able to make time for everyone

    • haha don’t we all? but i think we need to maintain a positive outlook on life no matter how hard it gets and believe me it gets really hard sometimes 🙂

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