Are you a cat person? No? Ah! A dog person then!

I find it funny how people readily assume that if you aren’t a dog person then you must be a cat person. How about neither?

My neighbour is a cat lover and has more than a few cats at home. Our first meeting took place because of cats. Yup! how unfortunate! One poor feline was stuck on my balcony and my neighbor saw it while smoking on her balcony. Being a cat lover she couldn’t bear to see a feline in distress and jumped to her rescue and came knocking on my door, with her two cats in tow.

I was sleeping at that time and didn’t really want to open my door but she knocked constantly for 10 minutes. Yes, i timed it -_- When I finally opened the door she rushed into my apartment without even asking for my permission and brought the cat in. She then thrust the cat into my arms and asked me if  I am a dog person and when I said no, this is what she said…

I was just speechless!

Ever heard of shades of grey? Maybe i am just a hamster person. Why isn’t that term used? Or maybe i am a bug person? And to all of you who have been asking me, the only cat I like for now is the Nyan Cat and that’s that!

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