Childhood Crushes

This post is in response to Tinkerbelle‘s post labelled Childhood Crushes on Brooke and McKenzie. If you already don’t read their blogs then you totally should!

When it comes to childhood crushes, I have got a few tales to tell. My first ever crush was on a Pakistani Singer/Philanthropist, Shehzad Roy. I was still rather young when he first came to the music scene.

I used to sit in front of the TV and belt out my own renditions of his songs. Ok I kid I kid, I wasn’t that little, it was probably more like this…

I was a tween not yet a teen (I am not a girl not yet a woman lalalalalalala) I used to belt out his songs whilst pretending to be playing an imaginary guitar! Even memorized all of his songs! Ah! Those were the days 😛

I was madly and deeply infatuated! My cousins used to tell me that I was crazy and that at this rate I was going to go mad!

At first, it was all fine and dandy and I only bought his posters but then he became like my very own version of crack and i started buying his CDs, all the magazines with his interviews and even religiously cutting out clippings from newspapers. I couldn’t even go two days without listening to his songs. The height of my obsession was when a girl at school claimed that she had his number and I actually paid her money to get the number, but alas! it didn’t work. And what happened after that?

I grew up!

However, back in 2009 I joined twitter and was browsing through accounts to follow and came across his account and thus began my RE-obsession with my first ever crush. Time to fish out those posters and put them up on my wall again 😛

His most amazing work to date is his Zindagi Foundation, which is a non profit organization that aims to provide quality education for underprivileged children. Cynics may say that, “Oh but others have already tried providing education for the underprivileged, it’s not going to change anything in Pakistan, so what’s the big deal?” But if all of us thought that way then no one will ever dare to dream and make a change!

So, Yes! 16 years and I still got a crush on my first ever crush! And to me that just shows loyalty rather than being pathetic!

How about you? Any crushes you just can’t get over? And do you smile like a creep aka me every time you see them?

11 thoughts on “Childhood Crushes

  1. what an interesting post ria!! guess who… im V from Singapore!
    My first major crush was AARON CARTER omg.. so embarrassing. I have cutouts of his face on my desk in secsch.
    i used to play pretend he was singing it for me when i listened to his music..
    haha. o_O shh let’s get over this past, your crush was way better!


    • haha Valerie! I knew it just by looking at your picture:) Haha Omg! he was another one of my crushes. I actually wrote a fan mail sort of letter to him but decided not to mail it. It is still stapled in my diary :/ SO EMBARRASSING! what were we thinking?

  2. Oh GOD! that’s so true and seems funny now. the song was “holay holay… mera dil ye dolay…rokon iss ko….” caste Rs.25/-, C-block, in Khayber car… hahaha 🙂
    You remind me those days when you and my sis were crazy to get the stuff for your probably “pupil book” in which you both were used to put the cuttings/pictures of your every favorite thing (Actor,actress,singer,color,cloths, shoes, perfume…ah everything). and that book never come to an end. 😛

    • hahah I remember other songs as well! What a nice surprise! How did you find my blog though? How is Maryam and everyone? It was called opinion book 😛
      Oh ya! you sent me some of the CDs right? Thank you Thank you! The last time i shifted i broke one of them 😦 damn it!
      If you are on twitter, follow me 😀

  3. ha! I’ve been crushing over someone for 21 years, first discovered him when I was 5(ish). still lusting and wanting him now. and still single. baah. 😦

  4. Oh my goodness. I do have that creepy smile on whenever I see Freddie Mercury. And don’t judge me, because I am very much in love with this man. I’ve only started recently but I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM and I sound crazy because I AM. See, this is what you call an obsession. askjsflsf

    PS. I burst out laughing when I say that drawing of your teenage self! 😛

    • hahah Freddie Mercury is pretty awesome eh? Love Queen!

      wow you really weren’t kidding when you said you were going to stalk my blog, were you? :p Now go work on The Uninspired Chronicles! you have just made my day! Thank you:D

      • HE IS HE IS. I do keep my word when it comes to stalking ;D And mission is accomplished. Made Riatarded’s day. Next stop…. New York. Okay, I will work on it now! 🙂

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