Adopting a ‘James Dean approach’ to life

“I don’t want to be just good, I want to be great” – James Dean

Let me start off by saying, James Dean was HOT! Ok moving on, the question is how far can we get in life if we adopted, what I like to call a James Dean approach towards life. Well you don’t really have to label it a James Dean approach to life, it is just a ‘living your life on your own terms and striving for excellence’ approach to life.

For me it means only applying for jobs that I like, travelling the world, writing and regularly trying to help out those in need. It could mean an entirely different thing to you. Whatever the case I think it is a mighty fine approach towards life. You only get to live once, might as well live happy and satisfied* [I suggest you read the fine print at the bottom of this post now!]

Now that you have read the fine print I know what you are going to say. ‘…but, but, but what if my life doesn’t allow me to live life according to my own terms?’ To which I will say, ‘PLEASE!’ Life isn’t a bed of roses, no one said it would be. Living on your own terms in today’s world means, making the best out of what you have and trying your hardest to get what you want! You may not totally achieve what you set out to get and life does get in the way but trust me you will be much happier knowing that you tried! If your dream is to become a Princess then modify that dream a little and become an actress (a disney princess that is!). No money? No problem! Take an odd job and make enough money and enroll yourself in an acting school, it could just be part time but it is something. No talent? er… then find something better to do with your life or if you are really passionate about it then find a way to make yourself better.

Bottomline is, DO NOT GIVE UP!

*Read the fine print: Live on your own terms as long as it doesn’t harm others in any way and do try to fulfill your responsibilities.

I have added a new book to the list of books that tickle my fancy!

20 thoughts on “Adopting a ‘James Dean approach’ to life

    • Just get it printed as a photo and put it in a photo frame! 😉
      Jokes aside, having motivational quotes on our desk or around our work space really does have a positive effect.

  1. It’s all about choices, isn’t it? When we love someone, we often lay down our own dreams or desires, and in the laying down, discover a deeper and more fulfilling purpose. Parents do this all the time, as do lovers.

    • Yes I agree with you it’s about choices but it’s equally important to have some sort of direction or aim in your life. For instance, if my aim is to help people I could do that via teaching, volunteering or helping out those in need!
      Life wouldn’t be as fun if we always got our way 😉

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