This goes out to all the dads! – My Father and The Man in Black (Part 1 – Teaser)

Starting a blog post can sometime be the hardest part and then verbal diarrhea just takes over...

Becoming a father isn’t difficult, but it’s very difficult to be a father. – Wilhelm Busch

I have often heard the aforementioned saying but my dad has always made fatherhood look very easy! One might wonder why I didn’t do this post prior to Father’s Day and honestly I don’t really have an excuse for that except for the fact that I don’t think there needs to be a special day to make our fathers feel special and that every day can be used to do that!

My dad is a wonderful human being. He is kind, understanding, loving, patient and he always says the nicest things but not all fathers are like that and I know cause I have met quite a few. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they don’t love their children but circumstances are such that they either don’t have the time or are not able to express it and that’s just incredibly sad!

Growing up, my dad often wished, and he has told me so, that his father would spend more time with him, perhaps just for a day but alas that never happened. Not because grandpa didn’t want to but due to the fact that he was always rather busy and time just flew by as it always does. Dad isn’t bitter but it leaves a void and leads to a vicious cycle, a cycle that is often hard to break.

Perhaps this is the reason that when I got to watch director Jonathan Holiff’s My Father and The Man in Black during NXNE, it hit right home.

I’ll be honest I didn’t intend on catching this particular film, I had a midterm the day before and all I was thinking was… ‘what are the symptoms of schizophrenia?’… ‘Can shaping be used as a behavior modification strategy for people who have lost the ability to speak?’ and the likes of that!

It was by chance that NXNE had organized a conversational showcase with Jonathan Holiff and I just happened to be in the same room as the wonderfully talented director! A friend of mine told me that we should attend this particular session and basically all he had to say was that the film involves Johnny Cash and I was like, ‘HECK YES! Let’s go!’ and the rest, as they say, is history!

I want to do a review of the movie and I will but for now I will leave you with a trailer of the movie and I will let you be the judge before I say anything about it!

Pssst, there is an interview as well! Stay tuned!

P.S: Let me know what you guys think of the trailer and all the Johnny Cash fans in the house say AYE!

25 thoughts on “This goes out to all the dads! – My Father and The Man in Black (Part 1 – Teaser)

    • YAY! Which song of his do you love the most?

      Awww I hope that everything will turn out to be great! 🙂 I am sending lots of love your way!

      • I hardly ever can pick ‘favorite’ songs. I think though I liked all his early stuff more than the later stuff. Though Gods Gonna Cut You Down, well it always appealed to a dark side of me.

    • It is so great to have you here Jonathan! I hope my review will do the film justice. Keep up the awesome work! Also, I would like to see more films directed by you!


  1. hey there, I saw the film, babysat Jonathan and Joshua as little fellas, this is a well put together docudrama, the recreations, brought me to tears, going back is often very hard. I loved the film, the part where the bithday parties for the kids is shown, my middle sister and my baby brother are in the shots. the movie is very well done. loved every second, even the memories that were heartbreaking.

    • Thanks again everybody. Note that I (the filmmaker) am not the writer of this wonderful piece. That would be Ms. riatarded (thanks!). Also, this is NOT docudrama! It is documentary. Docudrama is partly fiction, and involves actors “speaking to camera.” Neither is the case with this film. Best, Jonathan Holiff

      PS: This puts in mind of the wonderful quote by Kris Kristofferson: “Johnny Cash is a walking contradiction, partly fact and partly fiction.” For fiction, see the excellent “Walk The Line.”

      • Thank you for the clarification Jonathan! and that’s an awesome quote!

        Also, it’s my pleasure. I wish the film and you all the best!

    • It’s so great to have you here Eileen! I loved the film!

      I agree with you, it is very well done! Jonathan is such a nice human being, it must have been a pleasure knowing the kids 🙂

      I am going to get the DVD as and when it comes out and then I’ll ask you where you are in the pictures! 🙂

      Much love to you.


    • Thank you! I really do! He has come to visit us after a few months and I couldn’t be happier! 😀

      I hope you will like the review! 🙂 Let me know!

  2. I’m trying to listen to this in a McDonalds with a bunch of screaming kids (some literally), so can’t really hear it well. I am a Johnny fan (some of his songs) though. I will wait for your review. 🙂

    • haha I included the trailer in the review post as well! I hope you will like it! 😀

      Which song is your favorite?

  3. Do we ever really know any one? I’m convinced there are pieces to a puzzle in everyone’s life that somehow were lost. Liked Cash and the movie clip. Look forward to your review.

    • very true! and extremely profound!

      I hope you will like the review!

      Just out of curiosity, what’s your favorite tune by Cash? 🙂

    • Hello Darlene! :p

      I am sorry, I didn’t realize I hadn’t removed the password! It’s done now! I hope you’ll like the review! 🙂

  4. Wow! I am definitely intrigued and can’t wait to see it ! The novel I’m writing has to do with not really knowing people [aka husbands/fathers] and about the public/family image and the truth.
    Now that I’ve been teased, when/where do I get to see it? 😉 😀
    BTW – The song that has played in my mind since you asked if I like JC is “I Hurt Myself Today” Now I’m off to re-read your review. 😀

    • WHEEE! I believe the DVD will be out in 2013, if you wanna see it earlier perhaps you can help spread the word to your city’s film fest organizers? That would be so awesome! These guys deserve much more attention! 🙂

      I love that song too! I don’t understand why people hate on it cause it was originally sung by NIne Inch Nails!

      I hope you will like the review! OOOOH and I’ve got an interview brewing for you guys 😉

      P.S: It would also be awesome if you could spread it to your friends! 🙂 For the love of Johnny Cash please do! 😉

      • I just love your enthusiasm! (Wanna be my PR? Just kidding 😉 )
        I’ll have to check out the local film scene. I’ll bet the Nob Hill district has festivals. Oh heck I’m certain there are tons of festivals around here.
        Are they doing Sundance?

    • Did you just hire and then fire me? I would love to! Not kidding though 😉 hahah let me know!

      I am not sure if they are playing at Sundance but it would be so awesome if you could get event organisers to play this film! I’ll ask Jonathan if it’s playing at Sundance 🙂 Thank you Ann! xo

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