Where Am I Going?

Last year, after FINALLY graduating from college, I kept asking myself the same question, ‘Where am I going? what next?’ and you know what? I still haven’t got a damn clue but I know it’s somewhere good!

Have a great weekend! x

Have you ever felt like that? 

27 thoughts on “Where Am I Going?

  1. I’m with SuperMutantJim on this. It DOES take time, but it all begins with you asking that question: Where am I going? It will definitely be somewhere beautiful because you are a beautiful soul.

  2. Before graduating you must have been learning something for your future, why did you not know what you were studying for/to become, or is your education system different.

    In Briton, you want to be a doctor, you study coarse’s for that and then graduate, then go to work in a hospital or elsewhere.

    • I started out with computer engineering but switched to Information Systems and Management. I can’t help but think there is more to life then just having a job.

      Also, my degree was rather generic. The possibilities are endless! I am in graduate school now 🙂

      • You can’t have a life without a job, unless you want to live out of a backpack and a tent.

        No job, how do you pay rent, eat, buy goods etc, it’s impossible 🙂

      • LOL completely agreed! I guess what I am talking about is a higher calling, not in a religious sense.

  3. You just described the feeling/ under current of my entire life!! haha! Keep thinking positive and it will be GOOD! I know it.

  4. At 54 I still feel this way 😀 Somewhere beautiful is just around the corner [right? 😉 ] [Or maybe it’s been right in front of me all along 😉 ]

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