Musings from another time – ‘Being 17, Ughness, Blahness and the likes of it’

I am reading Bridget Jones’s Diary for the umpteenth time and I wanted to share this with you guys. Enjoy.


P.S: This was my first ever blog post… ok now enjoy!


October 19, 2004

Exams are over… woohoo… gonna drop one subject… can’t stand it anymore… hmmm I don’t know what I want to be… sometimes I think I really wanna be a doctor but at other times I think I am going to be an engineer or join mass communications.

haha to be honest, I don’t know what is going to become of me. I am still in shock that I managed to get an A level pass for my maths! I was ready to fail.

Today Mr. S came up to me and scared me by saying ‘ how much do you think you got for maths?’ I was like, ‘well you should know since you marked it!’ then he said I passed. At that moment I wanted to get up and start dancing but then he asked me how I did for other subjects and my inflated ego was immediately deflated. I told him even though the grades this year were super shitty.

S texted me saying he wants to get to know me better.. hmm then N told me to just reply that how can he get to know me when he didn’t even dare approach me when he saw me in school… hmm I hope it wasn’t too harsh because it’s not very nice to hurt others.

Well J was online today. G too. I asked G if I should wish him, she said go ahead. I did and he didn’t even say thanks. oh sob sob sob. Never mind, it is ok. I feel bad but it is ok. I guess he has his own good reasons but I just want to be friends man! hmmm never mind. Ok this is getting so crappy. gtg


Horrors! I had to edit the post massively to make it readable and I used to say things like ‘gtg’ a lot! It’s a miracle that I managed to get an A for my A levels English! (show off!)

And I am neither a doctor nor an engineer. I am a writer/techie (or however you spell that!)


13 thoughts on “Musings from another time – ‘Being 17, Ughness, Blahness and the likes of it’

  1. You’ve been blogging since 2008? Hokey smokes. About once a month, I go through my subscribers and make sure, I’ve posted to their sites. I don’t always get to everyone all the time, but I do try at least once a month.
    Anyway….I discovered about 1/3 of them are dead…or they haven’t posted in months.
    Blogging is a goofy sport. Sometimes ya want to and sometimes you don’t . Congratulations and long may your blog, my friend.

    • Since 2004! haha I know! I have noticed that in my subscriber list too!

      I love writing, so I don’t think I will be giving up any time soon. I keep a diary as well and a private blog. There is always so much to say and I think writing is the best way I can express myself.

      What about you? When did you start blogging?

    • hahah oh my I should have clarified! Mr S. was my teacher and S was a guy who wanted to get to know me. J was the first love of my life! LOOOOL!

      Do you like such posts? If yes, I’ll share more! I was a little apprehensive because I didn’t know how people will react to it! x

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