Vacation Time & My Plans!

Last week has been rather busy and hence the lack of posts. Though, to be fair, I have posted quite a bit in the last two weeks and will hopefully continue to do so over the next 2.5 weeks because vacation time!

vacation time

Though my vacation is going to be more like this…


… because Canada!

I will be reading a lot and getting my apartment clean and set up for RLB and family to visit! 😀 we still haven’t hung up the paintings or even our clothes! LOL

But today, I am going to go watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with C and I am incredibly excited! Will leave a review when I get back.

3 Things I want to do for myself in the next 2.5 weeks: 
1. I want to get myself in the habit of eating healthy – so I will be keeping a food diary for the next few weeks
2. Make a list of all the books I have by author
3. Read 10 books

What are your plans for the holidays? 🙂

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