Away for Work till Thursday!

I haven’t blogged in the past few days because I am away for work in Vegas till end of week!

This is my first time here and they city is interesting to say the least. While we have mostly been at a conference, we have explored some eateries and went to a Penn and Teller show last night with the team which was pretty fun!

I will upload some pictures tonight on here and write a more detailed post. Hope everyone else has been keeping well.

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P.S: I am super happy to report that I haven’t fallen behind on my bookstagram challenge and reading! Yay me!

4 thoughts on “Away for Work till Thursday!

  1. I loved Vegas. It’s a part of my relationship with my first wife, so it’s best I not ever go there anymore in order to separate the past from the present in a healthy way. But the city does have an energy all it’s own. Enjoy!

    • I don’t like to associate places with people! – though I used to do that in the past… You can always make new memories!

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