The Diaries

I am thinking I should split my diary like content from bloggish things by tagging all my personal ramblings with “The Diaries” – though isn’t everything on here, technically, my personal ramblings?

Anyways, weird week. I decided to say goodbye to something I perhaps, in retrospect, should have said goodbye to a long time ago because I was clearly not appreciated. To me it felt like I have done everything I possibly could to set it up for success but apparently I am a disappointment because I am leaving after having dedicated 3 years of my life to it as a volunteer. (I hope you can hear my eyes rolling to the back of my head) Ah well you can’t please everyone now, can you?

I wonder if years from now I’ll look back at this and laugh because it won’t be significant in my life at that point. It does happen to me a lot… When I read my old diaries, a lot of the stuff doesn’t even make sense to me anymore.
Of course that could be due to the fact that I chose to write with a fountain pen in my old diaries and the ink has simply vanished in many places.

Also I used a lot of aliases for people in my old diaries – just look at me referring to my journals as old diaries, as if I am an author or something.

Anyways, as I was saying, I used a lot of aliases and frankly I don’t remember half the people who were mentioned in those entries. Will I forget more as I age? I am not even that old, I am only 29!

Maybe I should choose an alias for myself for now so it can help me forget that I am upset. And then when I forget the alias, I will also forget the fact that I was / am upset at this point in my life.

Side note: Writing always helps me focus and calm down. So I am hoping to get some done over the weekend so I can just relax and be back to my normal self.

Currently Reading: Virginia Woolf in Manhattan by Maggie Gee

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#currentlyreading I am feeling extremely #bookish today and hence the barrage of posts👌🏼📚🤓 This is my current read! Soooooo good! Virginia Woolf comes back to life because an author in 21st century wills her back to life through her imagination… these are their adventures through Manhattan, while Mrs. Woolf gets used to modern life!💕 nope there is no black magic involved, it is sheer will power. I wish I could bring Charles Dickens to life this way!🤓✨📚👌🏼 . . . . #library #book #read #currentreads #bookstagram #books #bookshelf #bookworm #bookaddict #bookaholic #booklover #feminist #virginiawoolf #manhattan #tea #mug #society6 #maggiegee #virginiawoolfinmanhattan #fiction

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The story revolves around a 21st century author who wills Virginia Woolf back to life. Actually, Woolf just materializes out of thin air in New York Public Library one day and she is a hoot and a half!
Not only does Virginia has to get used to modern life, she has to figure out how to earn money and get a room of one’s own.

I am halfway through the book but I have no idea what the ending will entail and I am trying not to let curiousity get the best of me – so I can enjoy the ride.

What are you currently reading?


2 thoughts on “The Diaries

  1. As a librarian, that sounds like a fabulous book. I’ll have to look into it.

    For once, I am reading something FUN: Mark Lewisohn, Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years. It’s book one of a trilogy on the Fab Four. Heavily footnoted for accuracy but a really interesting read so far. – Marty

    • It is really good! Though I must admit I really don’t know how it is going to end which makes it all the more exciting because most of the time I can tell halfway how the book is going to end!

      ooooh I don’t really read a lot of biographies but let us know in a review how it is!

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