They never do get you anywhere, now do they? We all lie from time to time. Don’t even bother denying it. You know you have. Heck, I know I have.

None of us are perfect but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, people who shouldn’t be hurt and things that shouldn’t be said or done.

When you claim to love someone, why lie?

You are sitting in a cafe, with your head in your hands, the cold wind sends chills up and down your spine. You shiver but the storm that is raging inside you renders you motionless, so much so that you do not even want to move to a warmer spot.

You sit and you wonder. Why are they lying to you? Is it necessary?

You start to question yourself. Do I intimidate him? Why does he feel the need to lie to me? All I ever did was to love him. Is that such a bad thing? You sit and wonder and that’s precisely what you have been doing for the past few months.

Every time you muster up the courage to call him out on his lies, something gets in the way. Maybe it’s your need to be loved or maybe you are just plain stupid, you can’t decide which.

All you know is that you love him and that you are afraid. So very afraid.

Afraid to lose him. Afraid that no one will care. Afraid that everything will cease to make sense.

Afraid. Yes, that’s what you are. Why though?

5 Things That Girls Do Post Break Up That We Shouldn’t Be Doing!

So the title is a tad long but this has to be said! 

I get it… heartbreaks SUCK! You want to cry, you want to throw a tantrum or in extreme cases, ruin his life but HEY! heartbreaks are a part of life and SHIT JUST HAPPENS!

I remember my first major heartbreak…couldn’t eat for days, was distraught, blamed myself for everything and just freaking WANTED him! In short, I was going nuts!

And I know that I am not alone, a lot of us go through this but it’s time we stopped behaving stupidly due to heartbreaks! Below is a list of 5 things that girls do post break up that we shouldn’t be doing or at least be doing them in moderation!

1) Retail Therapy:

Hollywood has really glamorized this but just think about it for a second, so he broke your heart and the only way you think you can get over a heartbreak is by breaking your bank? Real smooth move!

Also, this is bad cause personally I have bought a lot of useless shit this way that I had no idea what to do with later!

 2) Haircut

I have not done this myself but just explain to me, why? Is he attached to your tresses? Your hair is awesome! Don’t cut it. Period.

Also, change is good but this could happen! 

3) Binge Eating

Ice cream is great but HEY GIRL! He is not worth those extra calories!

4) Turning into philosophers

Tweeting or blogging pictures like this. Need I say more?

It’s as if, ‘A heartbreak is like gaining a direct PhD in philosophy! I ain’t going to school for that sh*t!’

5) Behaving as if he is the only guy in the world!

He isn’t! Someone else is going to come along and chances are that he may be a douche as well!

This is how I look at it, being in a positive, good relationship is like achieving Nirvana and most of us are going to be stuck in this cycle for quite some time, so might as well BE AWESOME and logical!