Lea was quiet at first, she didn’t want to say anything.

Couple of times, she parted her lips but no sound came out. As he sat himself down across the table from her, all she wanted was to shake him up and tell him not to lie anymore.

She didn’t want to hurt him. In fact, even after all of his lies she wanted to be there for him, but clearly this wasn’t working.

Her brain screamed RUN but her heart told her otherwise. She sighed heavily and just tried to regain her sanity.

Sipping on her cup of tea, she thought about all the things she liked about him.

‘It’s not too bad,’ she thought to herself, ‘we all have our little quirks. Maybe just maybe he will have a change of heart.’

Oh what will she do…


So hey there lovely people! Haven’t blogged in forever! Have just been busy with school and work but here I am! Who is doing Nanowrimo this year? Let me know! I love you all! x

And the above is for Nanowrimo, I know this is not well edited and I am still working on things but I’ll get there, I hope!

Change – love it or hate it?

“Nothing endures but change.”- Heraclitus

I have a love hate relationship with change! Personally, i enjoy change but it can be so daunting sometimes.

On a side note, what the hell was Katie Holmes wearing on Rachael Ray’s show? No offence, but isn’t she a tad too young to be wearing that grandma outfit? I can’t find a picture of her from the show so i can’t post it up. She is cute but she doesn’t dress the part. Oh well! By the way try typing in grandma smok on google search and the first suggested search string that comes up is grandma smoking weed. The pictures aren’t that funny though.

Now on to the topic of change. For those of you who know me you will know that i have recently graduated and have been looking for work. Firstly the change from student life to working life is scary as hell! Yes i have done internships but that seemed so easy (come to think of it, looking for internships wasn’t ever easy). But you get my point, and since the economy has gone to the pooper the transition is even more daunting for most of us.

Since, i am having such a hard time with it, I can only imagine what other recent graduates must be going through. Therefore, over the next couple of days i will be going through things like how to write your resume or rather how to sell it and also cover letters and a streamlined application process. I am not making any money out of it and those are just things that i am learning myself too and I would like to share them with others.

Furthermore, I am also contemplating whether or not i should go to grad school next year. So far the only masters that seems in line with my career objectives is an MBA and you need some work experience for that. I might enroll myself in some modules just to get a feel of things though. Are any of you looking into grad school? If yes what is it that you look for in a school. Let me know because i am really confused right now!

In other news, i have dropped 5 kgs in the last one month and some of my friends have asked me for a diet plan but the thing is there really isn’t a diet plan just a healthy diet and a little bit of exercise! and by little i mean very little like 15 minutes a day but anyways i will still be coming up with a plan! And no i have not given up on chocolates!

I have been working on NaNoWrimo as well and i have finally hit 15000 words! i hope to reach at least 18000 tonight if not more. What i have decided to do is to write down whatever comes to my mind and then organize it later. It seems to be working so far.

What about you guys? Let me know about your progress! Do you like changing? How did you make the transition between student and work life?

Did you guys pin on your poppies for Remembrance day? Share your pictures!



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Freebies are universally loved but hard to get. So, if you are looking for some awesome freebies do check this out (BreeForWomen) and be sure to follow them and show them some love! I know the people who run Bree and it will be updated more often soon.

For NaNoWriMo, I have reached 7000 words, i am a bit behind schedule but i am facing what one might call an inability to swim. It’s not even a writer’s block. There is a metaphorical river and i need to cross it and between you and me, i don’t know how to swim (literally)!

For those of you doing NaNoWriMo, get the freebee because if you smell good you write good. Er well kind of 😉

I want to rant about the Kardashians because they are such pointless celebrities but i really have to reach 15000 words by tonight so I will do that tomorrow!

Taking part in NaNoWriMo? let me know how is it coming along and whether you are also facing any difficulties and how you are dealing with them! Let’s help each other out! 🙂

Day 4 of NaNoWriMo and other updates

It’s already 6:11pm and i haven’t gotten any writing done! Argh! but lo and behold i’ve finally decided on a theme for the book and i believe that will give my writing a sort of a direction. I’ve always preferred books which have a lesson in them. I mean pointless writing is all fine and dandy but you will reach a writer’s block at some point or another and pointless writing won’t help you then. I may be wrong but that’s just how i feel.

So if you are planning to write, my advice to you will be to find a theme for the book. Please be aware that genre and theme are two separate things and just having a genre in mind may not be that helpful. However i am not saying that you should find a theme straightaway, just start writing and the theme will come to you sooner or later.

On a side note, my sister brought smarties for me! yay! I am a 4 year old in a body of a 24 years old.

[Credits: quote by Alin, Photo by me]

Day 3 and Poop Burgers

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo was rather fruitful to be honest, i managed to type about 3000 words which isn’t too bad, given that i got zilch done during the first 2 days.

In other news, i read about Japanese poop burgers and for those of you who don’t know what they are you should check them out on which also happens to be my new favorite site. The reason behind that is that i have been looking into learning Japanese for quite sometime now, 4 months to be exact 😛 and tofugu seems like the perfect place to start and i will definitely recommend it to those of you who are looking into learning Japanese (No i don’t work for them. In fact i don’t work for anybody. Calm down Ria don’t make this a rant about your joblessness…Soooo…. moving on)

Even if you are not looking into learning Japanese, and are a self proclaimed Japan enthusiast like yours truly, you should check it out. They update almost every other day and it’s informative in a light hearted sort of way.

Well to be honest i am not happy about not having a job (who would be?) but all i can do is to keep trying since the economy has gone to the pooper. But i am not going to let this get me down and i am actually going to take this opportunity to write a book or do things that i like and maybe even take up a teaching certification.

If you are like me and don’t really have a job yet, what are you up to? Let me know:)

Potential job giving angels can you please contact me?

[Credits: Photo and quote is by my sister, Sadia.]

Anti bullying and NaNoWriMo progress

I must confess, i didn’t get much done on the first day of NaNoWriMo. However, i did manage to write down the names of the characters (HEY DON’T JUDGE! it’s a start alright?:P)

I was going through trending topics on twitter (er well yes i tend to do that a lot!) So coming back to the point, i was looking through the TT’s and all the trending topics were about celebrities or other mundane things like Mariah Yeater. Don’t know who she is? Well, it doesn’t really matter but she is just this girl who claims to be pregnant with Justin Bieber’s child. WHAT? 0_0 when did he hit puberty? Don’t get me wrong i don’t hate Justin but i don’t understand all the hype about him. I do enjoy listening to some of his songs but only in private haha. I won’t even call myself a closet belieber (is that what they call it?)

So, yes trending topics, you know what irks me the most about them? Why don’t trending topics address more important issues likes hate or racism? Teen suicides due to bullying are commonplace these days with the most recent case being that of Jamie Hubley, a Canadian teen who commited suicide about two weeks back. But i didn’t see people talking about it or even any top tweets about it.
Furthermore i think it’s important for people to realise what a life is worth. Jamie was a budding popstar, a medal winning figure skater and most importantly a beloved son. Will anyone ever be able to replace him? The answer is a big fat NO!

I am not a killjoy so i won’t say you can’t talk about celebrities but for heaven’s sake isn’t a life more important than Kim Kardashian’s marriage? Really? Shouldn’t we use a public platform to raise awareness about social issues? Yes i know that sometimes there are such TT’s when celebrities tweet about them but do we really need a celebrity to guide our sense of morality?
Month of Kevin Jonas? Really? I am just… I don’t even know what to say anymore. What about a month of anti bullying? or a year of anti bullying and anti hate crimes? A much better idea don’t you think?

RIP Jamie Hubley.

I just can’t help but feel that we all need to do a little bit more to solve this problem or to make it better. And to all you haters out there if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

Furthermore, if anyone of you are interested in making a donation in Jamie’s name you should go to this websiteThere is also a memorial page for him on Facebook. Spread some love into this world today because life is seriously too short to be hating on people.




Any other budding writers out there from Canada? 

Do get in touch with me.
This is my first year doing NanoWriMo and I will be blogging everyday of november to track my progress, to motivate myself and others and also to let you guys know about my progress.

This year, i will not be sharing the plot because it is personal but i definitely would love to discuss your progress with you. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get connected and let’s start writing everyone!

Good luck:)