Freebies are universally loved but hard to get. So, if you are looking for some awesome freebies do check this out (BreeForWomen) and be sure to follow them and show them some love! I know the people who run Bree and it will be updated more often soon.

For NaNoWriMo, I have reached 7000 words, i am a bit behind schedule but i am facing what one might call an inability to swim. It’s not even a writer’s block. There is a metaphorical river and i need to cross it and between you and me, i don’t know how to swim (literally)!

For those of you doing NaNoWriMo, get the freebee because if you smell good you write good. Er well kind of 😉

I want to rant about the Kardashians because they are such pointless celebrities but i really have to reach 15000 words by tonight so I will do that tomorrow!

Taking part in NaNoWriMo? let me know how is it coming along and whether you are also facing any difficulties and how you are dealing with them! Let’s help each other out! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Freebies!

    • hahah good luck:) i didn’t manage to write anything for the past two days and that explains the lack of posts! thank you for commenting i love it when i read something from my fellow NaNoWriMo-ers (i just came up with that!)

  1. I made it to 10,001 words. Plugging away. Thanks for the freebies, smelling good helps, I’m sure of it! I wrote a post about it Saturday because I received a Cerra kit from She Speaks and part of it was a fragrance.

    I smile about the Kardashian comment because my NaNo project is based on another celebrity marriage break-up years ago and I thought, what if…and from what I heard last night, my what-if might be her reality. Fascinating as I write a 5 year old idea out and it’s playing out on tv.

    • hey Julie! i was on your blog and was trying to find the post you mentioned here but i couldn’t! could you possibly share a link for it?

      and hey! that sounds interesting, can’t wait to read your work:)

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