Day 4 of NaNoWriMo and other updates

It’s already 6:11pm and i haven’t gotten any writing done! Argh! but lo and behold i’ve finally decided on a theme for the book and i believe that will give my writing a sort of a direction. I’ve always preferred books which have a lesson in them. I mean pointless writing is all fine and dandy but you will reach a writer’s block at some point or another and pointless writing won’t help you then. I may be wrong but that’s just how i feel.

So if you are planning to write, my advice to you will be to find a theme for the book. Please be aware that genre and theme are two separate things and just having a genre in mind may not be that helpful. However i am not saying that you should find a theme straightaway, just start writing and the theme will come to you sooner or later.

On a side note, my sister brought smarties for me! yay! I am a 4 year old in a body of a 24 years old.

[Credits: quote by Alin, Photo by me]

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