January Recap

I want to say Happy February and hope your January has been great but to be honest it hasn’t been that great. Just take a look at the executive orders from Supreme Orange leader.

What is this world coming to? I don’t really know but I really hope we don’t get to see World War 3.
Well to be honest, our world, as we know it, has been at war for a while. Look at the situation in the Middle East. But now, more than ever, it is even harder to not think about it.

However, here’s to hoping that February will be way better than January.

Also, it is our 2nd wedding anniversary this month. So I am hoping for a miracle 🙂

Books read in January: I started a few and I am almost at the end of 5 of them. Does that count?


Vacation so far…

So this week turned out to be insanely busy. I feel like I have been busier this week than I have been in a while – catching up with friends, Christmas shopping, getting our place in order and all that jazz!

To be honest, a bunch of work stuff also came up. So yes, that’s what’s up. But I did start feeling extremely overwhelmed so I have decided I am only going to do minimal work until Jan 3rd!


I did manage to start reading A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf! Which is a brilliant read but a heavy one!

What the fuck was that? | Morning Musings

Just came back from an event and the whole thing was basically a long sales pitch. DISLIKE! This is the best way to lose trust and appear unauthentic. Good job 😦

It may be great to take people through the features of your platform when they are already existing customers but for prospects you need to talk to them about their pain points – so they can relate.

Also, I am so freaking sleepy now :/

3 Books I’ve enjoyed reading this year | Morning Musings

The year is almost at its end and I am kind of bummed to report that I didn’t read nearly as much this year as I did in 2015. Maybe this is due to the fact that my commute was much longer last year or perhaps the fact that I am now more focused on taking pictures of my bookhauls rather than focusing on the reading… ha!

But here are 3 books that I highly recommend you check out…

  1. While the World is Still Asleep by Petra Durst Benning
    Genre: Fiction
    This was by far my favourite read this year. It is a translation from the original German text but the translator has done an excellent job!The book is set in 1880’s Germany and revolves around our heroine Josephine and her new found love of cycling that she developed after she was blamed for the untimely demise of her 7 year old brother and sent to a village to recover from an ailment and psychological trauma 😔 🇩🇪

    She is even sent to prison because of her desire to cycle 😐 😵
    🔸Fun fact: Did you know that women were not allowed to ride bicycles in 1880s Germany?🚲  That is so messed up on so many levels and makes me so grateful that I was born when I was born. I know there is still a lot of work to be done.
    If you are a feminist, read this!
  2. The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
    Genre: FictionScreen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.13.49 AMI loved this book. It also happens to be my first Hemingway read. Not gonna lie, it was a tad hard to get into since Hemingway took his own sweet time talking about the surroundings and banal things but I started enjoying that a few chapters in.You should check it out if you enjoy reading fiction inspired by real life and reminiscing about Paris and its lost generation. Not going to do a review, you can google it!
  3. Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell
    Genre: YA FictionScreen Shot 2016-06-11 at 1.48.58 AMSo this book! OH MY GOD! ALL THE FEELS! I even talked about it on my blog earlier this year! I really enjoyed my time in university (well mostly) and I love the feeling of falling in love. This book was perfect for anyone who likes all of the above! I don’t really read that much YA anymore but Rainbow Rowell is the reigning queen and I suggest you check out her work pronto!

What were some of your favourite reads for 2016?

Morning Musings – My self worth & identity is not tied to my ability to procreate


I am a human being, yet many times I am made to feel like I am nothing more than a meat bag, an incubator or an easy bake oven waiting to be used. As if my whole identity is tied in with my ability to procreate. If I do want kids then I surely must not care about my career. If I don’t want kids then I must be selfish.

I don’t want to be told what to do. I know what’s best for me, or even if I don’t, I will figure it out. I really don’t need opinions on what I should or shouldn’t do.
If you have ever told a woman what she should or shouldn’t do with her body or how she should live her life. FUCK YOU.

If a woman decides to have children she shouldn’t be expected to put her career on hold. If she decides not to, don’t judge her and ask her crap like, “what will you do when you are old?” Gee, I don’t know, get a lot of cats, train them to be ninja warriors and set them after you for asking me dumbass questions and wasting my time?

Why do we only ask women about how long of a mat leave they are going to take? Why do we badger them with questions about their offspring? Why not men? Ask them how long of a pat leave they are going to take instead. Why should a woman be solely responsible for taking care of a child that two people helped create? Because it is her lot in life? FUCK YOU.

Why do we suddenly impose certain stereotypes on women as soon as they become pregnant. CHILL OUT, they are fucking pregnant not dead.

Why do we constantly pressure women into having families. The clock is ticking… TICK TOCK. TICK TOCK. Freeze your eggs, do this, do that… WHY? Has it ever occurred to you that some of us might not want to?

Why do we view pregnant women as JUST that… pregnant and nothing else? She hustled before she was pregnant, what makes you think her career won’t be important to her once she gives birth. Oh because she will fall in love with the child, realize she doesn’t want to do anything with her life except stare at her kid 24/7? I suppose some people do want to be stay at home moms but not all. So FUCK YOU for assuming that everyone is the same.

Why do we label women who choose not to have kids as selfish or sad? WHY? Why have you taken it upon yourself to morally police them?

But wait, you are a woman, it is your lot in life to first go through 9 months of being an incubator and then give up everything. Oh you know because that’s what nature intended and because your great great great grandmother was a housewife, you should do the same cause women obviously can’t have it all. DUH. We shouldn’t get any ideas in our pretty little heads 🙂

Even if you don’t want kids, surely you must want to get married and be in the kitchen, because that’s your rightful place!

STOP FUCKING TELLING WOMEN WHAT TO DO. If they want to have children let them, if they don’t want to then let them as well. Bottom line mind your own fucking business.