Something Joel Said.

‘Being funky is about being ourselves, being original, having that confidence and cool to wear what you want, say what you will. The fashion industry in London is now having a reinvigoration of old models to take back the fashion walk ways… I am talking about 70, 80 year olds who dress as funky and as stylishly as any pop star walking down Hollywood. This for me, is funk, because funk is not about the young and hip. It’s about having the guts to carry something forward. Being an anarchist, a revolutionist, a deviant. For me, I managed to be funky again by daring to do the kind of art I like…

During my BA, I was trying too hard to be a good artist.

Now, having a more liberal arts education in London, I don’t see my life and art as two different entities. Now, I just do what I like to do, like how I always do in my life, but just translated into the language of contemporary art.

I always had a passion for cinema. Now, Sci-Fi fantasy films are the major focus of my work as an artist, homeboy and a proletariat.’

Joel is a dear friend of mine and this was his submission for The Uninspired Chronicles. You can interpret it in anyway you like =] I LOVE IT!

If you love contemporary art, you can visit his site here.

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