I just want to burst into tears for no good reason.

Stupid hormones.

Typing this post seemed like such a good idea.

I want to fly away.

Honestly, right now, i’d give anything to be a bird.

Isn’t summer supposed to be a happy time? I feel caged, oh hey I sound like my 19 year old self! YAY! whoopdef*ckingdo!

How is your summer coming along? Put a caption on the picture below?


36 thoughts on “Pointless

  1. You know it seems like we experience the exact same things at the exact same time. I feel like crying my ass off too. And I just did in the bathroom. 😦 Hope we get better soon…..

    • ah! I am thinking changing the lighting in this picture could really change the look of the picture!

      That’s a good caption!

      Personally, I find this picture to be rather depressing but I am surprised that people are giving such positive captions!

      • I loved the picture, didn’t find it depressing at all. But then I love beaches and water of any sort. Even stormy day beaches. There is something passionate about them, something primal.

  2. “Don’t Forget to Slip On the Wet Bridge, And Don’t Forget To Die After Slipping And Bumping Your Head Against The Cold Ropes That Hold Your Soul” ,No I’m not serious.

  3. “And all at once, I realized, the only thing that had been holding me back, was me.”

    Hope your tears help to grow smiles =]

  4. You’ll get hated on by people for shitting on them and then Karma will take care of you- you’ll get smashed by a plane somewhere between cloud 9 and 11 and that will be the end of you.

    Caption: you want to be a fish, not a bird. Or maybe a crab.

    • Oh shit! here you go! REPLIED! hahahha I ❀ you!

      Good point! but birds can fly and I will get proper training, I will! πŸ˜€

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