Thoughts on the Subway at 8 in the AM

This happened…


8AM: *boards the subway*

OMG! Is he kidding me right now? If only he moved his fat arse an inch I could be sitting.

Ok CRAP! I am so hungry right now, should have listened to mum this morning and had my breakfast.

I wonder what will happen at work today. What will we do? Merchandising or calling? Hmmmmm


I need to do something about my life. What am I even doing? What happened to my dream?

YOU are working on your dream. It’s just taking some time. Relax!

OMG! Tonight when I get home, I am so going to start those Japanese lessons again. I can’t even remember most of the words.

*TTC announcements* Great! Not like we already didn’t know that the TTC has to freaking break down everyday.


OH LOOK! A text from him! YAY!

OH NO! It was from someone else. BLAH!

Am I there yet? Why is this subway taking forever? MOVE DAMN IT!

Composure. I need to be in my happy place right now!


That’s right! Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. GOOD!


Almost there! OMG! How on earth am I supposed to get out of this subway?


Aristotle said, humans are rational beings but this a**hole is blocking the whole doorway. how on earth is that rational? MOVE MOVE MOVE!

Why am I reading this book on philosophy? Want legit advice? I’ll give you great advice. DO NOT STAND IN DOORWAYS ON SUBWAYS! It is a major nuisance and someone may just push you one of these days!

Also, another great advice, if you are dating someone and they put in a lot of effort into you then the least you can do is to put a little effort and at least make a card for them on Christmas/ Valentine’s Day and don’t give them that cheap crap about it being too commercial. You are just being freaking lazy. THAT IS ALL!

*reaches work*

13 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Subway at 8 in the AM

  1. It’s true…that damn subway ALWAYS delays…and I’ve totally had similar experiences on it, in the morning rush…though instead of the overweight, I get “the cougher”. *vom!

    Also, if he’s not putting the effort in, cut your losses and move on. You deserve someone who wants to give.

  2. It’s so good to see you back in the swing – and next time just start climbing over Mr. Door while singing the “Spider Man Theme Song,” and see how fast he gets out of your way =]

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