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I started this site two years ago as a part of the Nanowrimo project. Over the last two years, we have gone through so much. Heartbreaks, love, school, breakups, make ups and everything in between. Also, blogging awards!

For some time I wanted to focus on my other site but I think I am going to come back to this and do what I liked doing best. Just writing. So here I am and I hope to reconnect with all of you again!



To Hell and Back Again

Writing was like breathing to me. Something that I needed to survive but…

I don’t know at what point I stopped writing at all.

I think I let love get the better of me. Love… love?


Yes love.

It’s gone now anyways. Well not quite. Love knocks again and again.

In different shapes and forms.

What will happen? I don’t know.

but I am here to stay.

After all, what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger right? right?



Incoherent Thoughts

I did not choose this for myself. Maybe it came to me.

Maybe I went for it.

All I can tell you is that it was not a conscious decision.

I dreamt of a time… I dream of a time when I will meet someone who will want to do things with me… for me… or just be with me just because I am me.

This is nothing to do with relationships.

I don’t know what it is.

There is an inherent sadness to it.

A kind of sadness that depletes your energy level. A kind of sadness that makes you want to disappear and never talk to anyone ever again.

This kind of sadness just needs to go.

I have tried… tried to dissociate myself from the situation… tried to think happier thoughts but in the end it’s the incoherent ones that take over.


Saving Me, Saving You

At the beginning, I thought I was collecting the pieces.

At the beginning… I thought I could be the one to help…

…but as time passed a realization came.


A realization that I was indulging in a very selfish form of love…

…Not the selfless kind I dreamed of but the kind that destroys you and leaves you hollow…

Maybe it’s time to let go…


…and maybe… just maybe it’s time to say goodbye.


Contest Time: For The Love of Fashion!

Read to the bottom for contest details!


Top 5 Favorite Spring | Summer Trends

With the warmer climate right around the corner, it is time for a major overhaul of your winter wardrobe.  This year, stay fashionable and trendy with a little help from 3SHAHS and team! Here are our top five favorite fashion trends.

1. Colours:  Alongside emerald green, touted as the colour of the year, bold yet feminine shades such as tangerine orange, lemon zest and fuchsia are cult favorites too for 2013. Here is a boho chic dress from Versace’s latest collection that we simply adore. Complete this ensemble with a pair of long whimsical earrings.


Shades:  Popularized by Coco Chanel, black and white have been fashion staples in nearly every woman’s wardrobe for decades. We were thrilled to see these shades were ubiquitous and in vogue on runways across the globe.

2. Geometrics:  Stripes are a popular choice this year. They were seen all over the runways by designer ranging from Dolce & Gabbana to Marc Jacobs. Stripes are fun, flirty and with the right accessories can be made to look chic or girly.


Optical prints are making a massive comeback and were seen supporting the striped brigade down the catwalk. Did you know that vertical stripes make you look slimmer!

Due to the bold nature of geometrics, we recommend keeping accessories to a solid colour when wearing necklaces which layer over these patterns or opting for more intricate and colourful pieces when adorning cocktail rings or earrings.

3. Patterns:  From resolute figurative to forward floral prints this year’s prints are more gutsy than girly. Be it Sicilian puppets or Japanese dragons, nearly all the prints this season give out a strong and fierce vibe. Here are a few adventurous patterns from Dolce & Gabbana’s SS13 Collection.


4. Nautical:  Oscar de La Renta kept it classy yet playful with his nautical inspired ‘Ready to Wear’ line. 3SHAHS Yacht|Resort collection is one of our most versatile lines. It looks fabulous paired up with an evening dress or with a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt for a day of boating under the rays of the sun.


5. Trapeze-Shaped:  Inspired by the trends of the 1930s, trapeze-shaped skirts are making a comeback. We love the feminine and elegant feel of this style. Ralph Lauren’s SS13 collection displayed a combination of this trend lovingly married to a Spanish vibrant flare.

Contest details:
Let me know which is your favorite piece on their site by 14th February and I will pick one of you and send a little something your way! It will be something from 3SHAHS’ site!


She was afraid at first, for there was an all too familiar feeling; dread.

Yes, dread was it. She didn’t know what was happening but he was getting into her head and her heart and there was no denying or stopping it.

She tried to block him out at first.

Once, while holding her, he told her that at the start he was trying to push her away, intentionally. She wanted to laugh and say, ‘well that makes the two of us.’

He wasn’t the only one hiding secrets. War scars is what she called them. We all have them. For all of life is a certain type of war, is it not?

Some of us show our scars, while some of us try to conceal them and we get so good at hiding them that we even fool ourselves and doubt their existence.

Around him, she could not hide them anymore and it took every single particle of her being to stop herself from loving him. She was attracted to him like nail filings to a magnet and there came a point when she stopped fighting the feeling.

Around him, she could be herself. Around him, everything became easier.

She could just tell him her deepest, darkest secrets and not be afraid that he would tell anyone. Not be afraid that he would betray her, or so she hoped.

Hope; it keeps us going does it not?


Thoughts on the Subway at 8 in the AM

This happened…


8AM: *boards the subway*

OMG! Is he kidding me right now? If only he moved his fat arse an inch I could be sitting.

Ok CRAP! I am so hungry right now, should have listened to mum this morning and had my breakfast.

I wonder what will happen at work today. What will we do? Merchandising or calling? Hmmmmm


I need to do something about my life. What am I even doing? What happened to my dream?

YOU are working on your dream. It’s just taking some time. Relax!

OMG! Tonight when I get home, I am so going to start those Japanese lessons again. I can’t even remember most of the words.

*TTC announcements* Great! Not like we already didn’t know that the TTC has to freaking break down everyday.


OH LOOK! A text from him! YAY!

OH NO! It was from someone else. BLAH!

Am I there yet? Why is this subway taking forever? MOVE DAMN IT!

Composure. I need to be in my happy place right now!


That’s right! Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. GOOD!


Almost there! OMG! How on earth am I supposed to get out of this subway?


Aristotle said, humans are rational beings but this a**hole is blocking the whole doorway. how on earth is that rational? MOVE MOVE MOVE!

Why am I reading this book on philosophy? Want legit advice? I’ll give you great advice. DO NOT STAND IN DOORWAYS ON SUBWAYS! It is a major nuisance and someone may just push you one of these days!

Also, another great advice, if you are dating someone and they put in a lot of effort into you then the least you can do is to put a little effort and at least make a card for them on Christmas/ Valentine’s Day and don’t give them that cheap crap about it being too commercial. You are just being freaking lazy. THAT IS ALL!

*reaches work*