How I Quit Sugar

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I love loved sugar. Yup that’s right, about two months ago, I quit the white stuff. I am still eating fruits from time to time but no refined sugar whatsoever. Two days ago at an event, I had 2 mini cupcakes because well it was a major event and afterwards I felt like I was drunk. In short, it was awful.
I am really proud to say that now I don’t even crave sugary treats and would rather opt for vegetables or water.

How did this come to be you ask? Well my friends you are in luck because I am about to share some helpful tips to quit sugar for good (I hope). These tips will not be things like, “oh consume f***ing stevia” because YUCKS!

I quit Sugar

  1. It is all about the Why
    Yes, the why is so very important. I have tried to quit sugar several times before this but every single time I tried to do so, the main reason used to be the fact that I wanted to lose weight and fit in a dress. I would quit sugar for a few weeks, then go back to it as soon as I fit in a dress and the event where I had to wear it was over.
    This time, however, things were different.
    I quit because I wanted to live healthier. I have recently found out that almost all of my grandparents had diabetes and that it skips a generation. That in itself was enough for me to want to be healthier.
    So let your why be a healthier lifestyle. It is fine to have weight loss as one of your goals, tweak it a little and make it “MUST LOSE WEIGHT TO BE HEALTHIER!” and see wonders happen.
  2. Reward yourself
    Yes, I said it. You have to reward yourself but not with sugary stuff! Instead choose a different reward system. In my case, I am an avid book reader, so all the money I used to spend on candy, chocolates, drinks and other stuff now goes towards buying books.
    How I derived the magical number to spend on books? Mostly it is an estimate but I know that I used to consume chocolate bars, condensed milk and sweet treats from Starbucks every single day so the number comes up to roughly 60 dollars a week.
    I usually get my books from used book stores so $60 is enough for at least 3-5 books a week and it helps me nourish my mind!
    Also, I don’t buy 3-5 books a week so I am actually saving some money.
  3. Don’t go to places that serve sugary treats (at least for the first few weeks)
    Admittedly the first few weeks of quitting sugar are really rough. I had the shakes and could not sleep well, which to be honest scared me a little because I felt overly reliant on sugar.
    I found it incredibly hard to resist the urge to pick up snacks if I was looking at them, so I stopped going to places that served sugary treats, which included cafes and restaurants. C was also doing most of our grocery shopping so I did not have to worry about facing chocolates and other cakey goodness in person. (Thank you so much C!)
    When I did go for grocery shopping, we called the sugary aisle “The Aisle of Doom” and avoided it all together.
  4. Don’t talk about quitting sugar when you are trying to attempt it
    Quitting sugar is like being in fight club, we don’t talk about fight club. In the past, every time I had tried to quit sugar, I would tell everyone about it and everyone would praise me. As a result, I would get so much satisfaction from the fact that I was getting praised that I would not actually end up doing it.
    This time though, I only talked about it after a few weeks of trying to decrease my sugar intake and since I was already on the path, it was much easier to keep going on it.
  5. Do it with friends
    I am not refuting point number 4. What I am saying is that tell one friend about it and have them help you. C has known for a while that I have wanted to quit sugar and as a result has been cutting it out of my morning tea for a year or so now. I didn’t even know this!
    At first I thought C just really sucked at making tea :p but then when I found out, I was actually really happy because now when I actually did quit it, at least my tea in the morning tastes normal! And that my friends is a blessing!
  6. Don’t overthink it
    There is tons of stuff out there talking about how sugar is bad for you and causes a ton of diseases. I found that reading all that made me depressed and made me crave sugar more. So I would suggest not to overthink it.

I hope this helps you in quitting whatever you are trying to quit. I would love to hear your tips and tricks on how you have quit something. Let me know!

Image from Fit Girl Secrets (It has some tips on quitting sugar too!)

13 thoughts on “How I Quit Sugar

  1. You have some good points here. I have a dear friend who is very overweight. She had lost and gained the same 20 lbs. over the past 20 years. She does a lot of the stuff you say not to. As soon as she goes on a diet, her facebook is full of “healthy” recipes. That means she is focusing on food too much. She talks about it all the time. Most of her friends are just “whatever” not because we don’t care but because we’ve been to this rodeo before. Your advice about a friend or advisor or program to keep you on track and don’t repeatedly talk about it (without anyone seeing results) is on target. Your post was enlightening to me. I have been trying to get my friend to move (as in light exercise) but have been unsuccessful. I would add that being more physical in something you like can help distract cravings.

    • Kate, thank you for your insightful comment. I totally understand that and I have done that myself a few times. That is why this time I only told people when they were intrigued about me not consuming sugar… Most people are encouraging but some are like how can you do that!
      It’s funny, since I published this post yesterday, I have had several people ask me questions about what it felt like and will they ever be able to do it. I might just do another post about that.
      I think eating healthy is one thing but obsessing about it is totally another. I will admit that I am still trying to incorporate exercise into my daily schedule 🙂

  2. Ria, you’ve been so inspiring lately. I’ve tried to quit sugar so many times. I know that it is the reason I eat so many foods (cookies, cakes, etc.) and it’s really not good for me at all. Not just because of the sugar, but the grains. My body hates it all.

    I will definitely be using some of these tips in the future! Thank you for sharing your journey. ♥

  3. “At first I thought C just really sucked at making tea” that cracked me up! Insightful tips, thank you for taking the time to write this.Some of your tips felt intuitive and serve as a good reminder to stay disciplined, but I also found some golden nugggets I never really knew or thought of doing, like how over sharing about your health goals can be self-sabotaging. I wish you all the best on your health goals!

      • last day of #SoberSeptember, so far so good! I lost a decent amount of weight and I have never slept better. I didn’t know September was self-improvement, but now I do! Thanks again for the motivation your article created again!

  4. Thank you so much for this right-on, honest, serious but also humorous post! I gave up sugar to reduce the inflammation in my knees and hands. Well, first I cut w-a-a-y back on sugar. Then I learned that was kind of like “sorta” stopping smoking or any bad habit. It had to be all or nothing as far as sweets, desserts, sweetened drinks, etc. I’m still on the journey, and my knees and hands are so much better, and I’ve learned the hard way that just one piece of my niece’s wedding cake isn’t worth it.

    • I am so proud of you! Thank you for commenting. Seriously though kudos to you for putting your health first.I have lost 10 pounds of weight so far and feel great!

  5. I am all with you for doing it with friends !

    Me + my partner + one of our best mates are in week 7 of the quitting sugar. We get so excited learning new foods to cook + experimenting with our food.

    I can honestly say – I have never felt better. The feeling I get after a meal these days is so different to how I used to feel.

    X x

    • That is so true! I honestly can’t even think about going back to a sugared lifestyle! My body is even rejecting natural sugars at this point. A few days ago I picked up a can of pop and it was so unbearably sweet on the first sip, I had to throw it away.

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