I suck at manifestos / Ria’s guide to happiness!

Mood: It is so freaking gloomy outside and I am currently a sugar monster who will eat anything sweet in her way. I know I did the How I Quit Sugar post but I am allowed sugar when my uterus is being stabbed from the inside. suga

I am jumping on a challenge bandwagon and blogging along with Jeff Goins on his 7 day blog like a pro challenge.

I have been a blogger – whatever that means  blogging since 2004 but have trouble doing it consistently because – let’s be real here – life gets in the way and I have to pay my bills.

The first assignment for the challenge is to create a manifesto. So here goes;

Thought process

Nothing really grinds my gears enough for me to complain / rant about it.

It hasn’t always been this way.

I used to complain all the time but I am generally really happy these days and nothing really bothers me anymore. Wait… I am either really happy or really bored.

Alright, does a manifesto really have to be angry? How about I write a happy manifesto? or a manifesto about happiness?

Ria’s guide to happiness or Happiness Manifesto

  1. Myth – you have to stop wanting more in order to be truly happy.
    LOL what a load of BS! you don’t have to strive for lesser to be happy. YOU DO YOU BOO! keep working on yourself, your life, your happiness and don’t settle….or settle if that makes YOU happy.
  2. Love yourself
    This is such generic advice but it happens to work.

    SO what does it even mean?Don’t blame yourself for everything that goes wrong.
    I get it, a lot of us hate our own bodies. Tell your body you love it and then focus on putting some nutritious shit into it and see magic happen.

  3. Invest in yourself
    I am not encouraging people to be materialistic – it can be an emotional investment. Take a stroll every day to just be with yourself.
  4. When life gives you lemons, don’t accept them cause lemonade isn’t on the menu today (OR EVER).I hate it when people want me to make freaking lemonade – I don’t even like lemonade.
  5. Don’t focus on making everyone like you
    Not everyone is going to like you. SO WHAT?
    This is one of the things that I had a lot of trouble coming to terms with because I wanted everyone to like me but that just made me unhappier.

That’s all folks!


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