Inappropriate amounts of love… and the end of a love affair

We guys are close right? We share a bond don’t we?

Isn’t an internet bond still a bond, I mean sure it’s no ionic bond but still a bond eh? (what the hell kind of lame joke was that ria? TSK TSK!)

I have an unhealthy liking for lists! THERE I SAID IT!

If lists were a person I’d make sweet love to them! I’d cook, clean and bear it’s children and never ever complain cause lists are rad!

I make a list the moment I wake up, a list before I eat, a list before I read and a list before I go to bed. I keep 5 diaries, 3 for making lists, 1 for planning to make lists and 1 just to write sweet nothings to my lists in!

You know what? If lists asked me to, I would even give up twitter for them and that’s serious!

So obviously when I came across a list of 25 things to do before you turn 25, I was like YAY! HOLY MOLY! WHOOPA! WHAM BAM! you get the picture…

However most of the lists had repetitive questions and that was such a turn off. So here is a list of the top 10 things most of these lists say I should have done!

1) Have a really good one night stand with a gorgeous guy…

Granted we are close but still not that close that I disclose the answer to this to you… YET;)

2) Do an illegal drug.

Nope! I am from Singapore, I wouldn’t have been alive to tell the tale!

3) Confront a fear

Hmmm I can’t really think of anything… I guess I did sort of overcome my fear of heights!

4) Make a real guy friend who is really just a friend! 

DONE! and he is oh so awesome!

5) Try an exotic food whose name you can’t pronounce

PEEETZAAA anyone? 😉

6) Go to a pride parade!

Went to one in Montreal in 2010! LOTS OF FUN!

7) Finish College! 

Amen to that! and also THANK YOU GOOD LORD!

8) Take a multi day hiking trip


9) Look back on the past 25 years and make sure you have no regrets

Actually I am gonna start a series of letters to myself on this blog! Do I hear unanimous grunting? :p

Ok so I lied, I didn’t get to number 10. The reason being that I read a ton of lists and I got so God damn bored! No more lists for me from now on!

What about you? Are there things that you are trying to accomplish before a certain age? Let me know cause you know ria likes knowing! 

30 thoughts on “Inappropriate amounts of love… and the end of a love affair

  1. That was an excellent post! I have recently scaled back on the lists – not a great thing to do as my memory is getting worse, but kind of nice to realize my life is not so full that I need to write things down to keep track of them. On my list of things I wish I had done might be finding balance between too much and too little . . . still working on it.
    Again, great post!

    • I am glad you liked it W! I have missed you!

      I am working on finding balance as well, have you found it yet? (:

  2. I am a list girl but it is all work related or when I am packing (I do tend to let my mind wander and being somewhere without underwear or charger can be a problem :-0 ) but you are right lists can get a bit boring

  3. Excellent! Glad you avoided #2 while in Singapore! I met #5 while living in Singapore, couldn’t pronounce many of the foods I tried while living there but loved most of them.

    Lists are great things, I always love yours.

      • Lived in S’pore from ’99 to ’01. There were some things I liked a great deal and other things I disliked a great deal. My husband loved it, but he didn’t have some of the challenges I had. I have been back a couple of times since then, still like it, the things I disliked are not quite so bad now that those challenges weren’t in my way.

  4. I am a total list woman. Love them as much as you. I have lists on sticky notes; I have lists on my IPhone; I have lists in my calendar. This love of lists is not merely a reflection of my Type A personality but also a reflection of my horrible memory.

    As for 25 things I should do before I turn 25? I’ll let you know when I get there. 😉

  5. Once, I kept lists and it proved invaluable. But when I became OC about it, I decided it was too time consuming and mind numbing. So I try to avoid it.
    Let me write that down: #1 Avoid writing lists. (Oh, are you still reading? Sorry.) ;lol:

      • My day’s coming along well, thanks for asking. I never thought I’d get my blog done for today – but, tah dah – I did. Hope yours is going well, too.

  6. OK, so I’m really confused about how you would make love to a list. But then again, I’m pretty sure I’m better off not knowing.

  7. I’m a list maker also! And … Well I’m already very old so the thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately is to [before I die] simplify and find honest to God true contentment.

    • Well as long as you did it! 😀

      Nice seeing you here! I am gonna head over to your blog tonight and devour it! 😀

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