Is this reel life? – Take This Waltz (Review)

‘Everyone’s life has gaps but that doesn’t mean that you have to try to fill them up like a lunatic’ or a line along those lines was the only thing that was thought provoking about this movie. Apart from that, the only thought it provoked was, ‘why am I watching this garbage?’

Yes folks! I am talking about ‘Take this Waltz’

It was hyped to be a romantic movie and coming from Sarah Polley, people, well at least I, had high expectations from it. If the point of the movie was to make people hate the lead character then Bingo! If not, then the movie has totally missed the point.

Margot, played by Michelle Williams, is a writer who really has issues and she constantly feels ill at ease with her marriage. Despite the fact that her husband, played by Seth Rogen, is loving and doting, she requires constant attention and when he is unable to do that because of work commitments she looks for that attention outside her marriage and unsurprisingly, cause that’s what always happens in movies, she finds it in her next door neighbor, played by Luke Kirby.

At the risk of sounding like a prude, cheating spouses don’t really appeal to my sensibilities. Luke Kirby is attractive though, so one can imagine why Margot would fall for him. Furthermore, the lead character had a very weak personality and after nearly two hours of her wanting to cheat on her husband, incessant crying and depression, she finally realizes that she needs to love herself before she can ever love anyone else.

Deep. I know.

However, remember what was wrong with 127 hours? Yeah, basically this movie doesn’t have a story that should be made into a movie. It feels like a soap opera!

However, all is not bad and there were some strong points about the movie. The acting was rather convincing, so much so, that at times it felt like a documentary. The videography, music and direction were excellent as well.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t see it. You can, and you should and I am pretty sure that it will hit right home for many. After all, we all have moments when we feel like something is missing from our lives and that if we just found that ‘something’ then our lives would be complete. But I’d say watch it on Netflix or at least on $5 Tuesdays.

Also, if you have ever felt like you had issues,  after watching this movie, you would not feel that way anymore.


Director: Sarah Polley

Writer: Sarah Polley

Stars: Michelle Wiliams, Luke Kirby, Seth Rogen

Duration: 116 minutes

Rating: R

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses


We all make them. You, I, them… basically everyone. We don’t just make them to get out of stuff but to justify our behavior or other people’s behavior.

I guess what I mean to say is, sorry I haven’t posted in so long 😦

Seriously though, do you think life would be better if we stopped making excuses? Or are excuses useful and absolutely necessary?

Let me know!

P.S: I am just busy with finals and some work stuff! I promise to post ‘real posts’ pretty soon! Thank you for reading!

The things that I do.

By this point in time, I’ve already written tried to type at least 5 posts. 

Oh hey there! Don’t mind me, I am fresh out of ideas! but as my best friend put it, ‘this is just a phase and it will pass’

Those of you who noticed, I have started another site called and if you subscribe, I’ll love you forever. No, seriously, I will, A TON! try clicking the Follow Button and see what happens! It is updated every Sunday. I mean it will be. I have only done one post so far! Oh and I also post stuff that I have written for other sites over there.

Also, set up a Facebook Page, there is a link to it on the right side of this page! I share links and photos and general random stuff there, if you are into that sort of thing.

So now that I have told you what I have been up to lately, can I wrap up this post with a song? I love you guys and I will be back with more content soon. Thank you for reading!

P.S: I will still update this blog with tidbits about my life. The new site is supposed to be sorta semi professional. Ah ok BYE! ❤

My Father and The Man in Black (Part 2 – Review)

Jonathan Holiff said, ‘The movie has a star attached to it and thus it may have an appeal for movie goers.’ Well that holds true but you will find that the movie has more of an appeal because it is about you and me. It is a story so true to life that all of us can relate to it. 

My Father and The Man in Black

Director/Writer: Jonathan Holiff

Actors: Jonathan Holiff, Joshua Robinson, Saul Holiff

Duration: 90 mins

Genre: Documentary

My Father and The Man in Black: the phrase ‘The Man in Black’ holds a special significance for Johnny Cash fans, for we know that the man, the legendary man in black, always donned black. Hence, when I first heard the name of this particular film, I hoped and prayed that it will be about him and that I, as a fan, would take home some little known facts about Johnny Cash. After all, Jonathan Holiff is the son of Saul Holiff, Johnny Cash’s manager from 1960 to 1973, so he must have access to some awesome stuff about Johnny Cash, right?

Right. He did.

But I got to take home a lot more than what I had hoped for, in a good way of course.

What Jonathan has in store for us, is a universal story of parent child misunderstandings and one man’s journey to make amends with his father, beyond the grave.

I was rooted to my seat from the very first scene (you will have to see the movie to find out what it is! 😉 ) and I was genuinely disappointed when the film ended and the credits began to roll. I wish it had been longer! Reason being that the direction and story telling skills were incredible and I felt as if I was living and breathing alongside Saul Holiff and Johnny Cash and I didn’t want the dream to end!

The film also explores the relationship between Saul Holiff and Johnny Cash,to a certain extent, but the focus is on Jonathan Holiff and Saul Holiff’s relationship. However, Johnny Cash fans are in for a treat; the film has original audio recordings of conversations between Saul Holiff and Johnny Cash! (Do I hear cheering?)

A word of advice: keep some tissue paper handy when you watch the film because you are in for a roller coaster ride! One minute you will be tapping your feet to an awesome selection of tunes (Think Ring of Fire!) by Johnny Cash and the next you will be holding your breath to find out what happened between Jonathon and Saul.

The movie is suitable for all ages, is a visual and audio treat and promises to leave you with wanting more!

Disclaimer: I have not done a movie review for a movie I have loved this much, so please pardon my incoherence. I give it 4 thumbs up, hands and feet included!

P.S: Clicking on Jonathan Holiff’s name will take you to his IMDB page. For the film’s Facebook page click here and you can follow Jonathan Holiff on twitter @Holifffame

This goes out to all the dads! – My Father and The Man in Black (Part 1 – Teaser)

Starting a blog post can sometime be the hardest part and then verbal diarrhea just takes over...

Becoming a father isn’t difficult, but it’s very difficult to be a father. – Wilhelm Busch

I have often heard the aforementioned saying but my dad has always made fatherhood look very easy! One might wonder why I didn’t do this post prior to Father’s Day and honestly I don’t really have an excuse for that except for the fact that I don’t think there needs to be a special day to make our fathers feel special and that every day can be used to do that!

My dad is a wonderful human being. He is kind, understanding, loving, patient and he always says the nicest things but not all fathers are like that and I know cause I have met quite a few. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they don’t love their children but circumstances are such that they either don’t have the time or are not able to express it and that’s just incredibly sad!

Growing up, my dad often wished, and he has told me so, that his father would spend more time with him, perhaps just for a day but alas that never happened. Not because grandpa didn’t want to but due to the fact that he was always rather busy and time just flew by as it always does. Dad isn’t bitter but it leaves a void and leads to a vicious cycle, a cycle that is often hard to break.

Perhaps this is the reason that when I got to watch director Jonathan Holiff’s My Father and The Man in Black during NXNE, it hit right home.

I’ll be honest I didn’t intend on catching this particular film, I had a midterm the day before and all I was thinking was… ‘what are the symptoms of schizophrenia?’… ‘Can shaping be used as a behavior modification strategy for people who have lost the ability to speak?’ and the likes of that!

It was by chance that NXNE had organized a conversational showcase with Jonathan Holiff and I just happened to be in the same room as the wonderfully talented director! A friend of mine told me that we should attend this particular session and basically all he had to say was that the film involves Johnny Cash and I was like, ‘HECK YES! Let’s go!’ and the rest, as they say, is history!

I want to do a review of the movie and I will but for now I will leave you with a trailer of the movie and I will let you be the judge before I say anything about it!

Pssst, there is an interview as well! Stay tuned!

P.S: Let me know what you guys think of the trailer and all the Johnny Cash fans in the house say AYE!

No one’s judging you! well…apart from the whole world that is! :D

You guys! have you ever come across a site you fell in love with the moment you laid eyes upon it?

Yes? No? Maybe?

For me, that first happened when Twitter came around and it has happened again! Go check out Judgmint and you will know what I mean!

No no! It is not another social network but rather it’s a place for people to confess their ‘sins’ and then you guys can decide how much they should donate to charity in order to feel less guilty if not be guilt free!

Here are some classic examples and yes some of them made me laugh! [Does that make me a bad person? wait don’t answer that!]

I can so relate to this! 

This is EVIL! I want them to PAY UP! 

OH NO YOU DIDN’T! [I think this one had the highest price tag on the site…wait…charity tag? what’s the word?!]

So what are you waiting for? Go on, use judgmint (@Judgmint) and do some good today! Oh wow that sounds incredibly cheesy! Seriously though DO IT!

P.S: Let me know if you guys like the site! Also, you just need to enter your email address to sign up! Down with lengthy and long ass sign up forms! YAY! SO much win! 😀 oh and no SPAM too!

Inappropriate amounts of love… and the end of a love affair

We guys are close right? We share a bond don’t we?

Isn’t an internet bond still a bond, I mean sure it’s no ionic bond but still a bond eh? (what the hell kind of lame joke was that ria? TSK TSK!)

I have an unhealthy liking for lists! THERE I SAID IT!

If lists were a person I’d make sweet love to them! I’d cook, clean and bear it’s children and never ever complain cause lists are rad!

I make a list the moment I wake up, a list before I eat, a list before I read and a list before I go to bed. I keep 5 diaries, 3 for making lists, 1 for planning to make lists and 1 just to write sweet nothings to my lists in!

You know what? If lists asked me to, I would even give up twitter for them and that’s serious!

So obviously when I came across a list of 25 things to do before you turn 25, I was like YAY! HOLY MOLY! WHOOPA! WHAM BAM! you get the picture…

However most of the lists had repetitive questions and that was such a turn off. So here is a list of the top 10 things most of these lists say I should have done!

1) Have a really good one night stand with a gorgeous guy…

Granted we are close but still not that close that I disclose the answer to this to you… YET;)

2) Do an illegal drug.

Nope! I am from Singapore, I wouldn’t have been alive to tell the tale!

3) Confront a fear

Hmmm I can’t really think of anything… I guess I did sort of overcome my fear of heights!

4) Make a real guy friend who is really just a friend! 

DONE! and he is oh so awesome!

5) Try an exotic food whose name you can’t pronounce

PEEETZAAA anyone? 😉

6) Go to a pride parade!

Went to one in Montreal in 2010! LOTS OF FUN!

7) Finish College! 

Amen to that! and also THANK YOU GOOD LORD!

8) Take a multi day hiking trip


9) Look back on the past 25 years and make sure you have no regrets

Actually I am gonna start a series of letters to myself on this blog! Do I hear unanimous grunting? :p

Ok so I lied, I didn’t get to number 10. The reason being that I read a ton of lists and I got so God damn bored! No more lists for me from now on!

What about you? Are there things that you are trying to accomplish before a certain age? Let me know cause you know ria likes knowing! 

5 Things That Girls Do Post Break Up That We Shouldn’t Be Doing!

So the title is a tad long but this has to be said! 

I get it… heartbreaks SUCK! You want to cry, you want to throw a tantrum or in extreme cases, ruin his life but HEY! heartbreaks are a part of life and SHIT JUST HAPPENS!

I remember my first major heartbreak…couldn’t eat for days, was distraught, blamed myself for everything and just freaking WANTED him! In short, I was going nuts!

And I know that I am not alone, a lot of us go through this but it’s time we stopped behaving stupidly due to heartbreaks! Below is a list of 5 things that girls do post break up that we shouldn’t be doing or at least be doing them in moderation!

1) Retail Therapy:

Hollywood has really glamorized this but just think about it for a second, so he broke your heart and the only way you think you can get over a heartbreak is by breaking your bank? Real smooth move!

Also, this is bad cause personally I have bought a lot of useless shit this way that I had no idea what to do with later!

 2) Haircut

I have not done this myself but just explain to me, why? Is he attached to your tresses? Your hair is awesome! Don’t cut it. Period.

Also, change is good but this could happen! 

3) Binge Eating

Ice cream is great but HEY GIRL! He is not worth those extra calories!

4) Turning into philosophers

Tweeting or blogging pictures like this. Need I say more?

It’s as if, ‘A heartbreak is like gaining a direct PhD in philosophy! I ain’t going to school for that sh*t!’

5) Behaving as if he is the only guy in the world!

He isn’t! Someone else is going to come along and chances are that he may be a douche as well!

This is how I look at it, being in a positive, good relationship is like achieving Nirvana and most of us are going to be stuck in this cycle for quite some time, so might as well BE AWESOME and logical!


Cheek to Cheek

Oh hey you guys!

So Megan at Monday Morning Musings is having a Cheek to Cheek photo project over at her blog and I thought hey why not spread the word for her! After all, who doesn’t like cheek to cheek photos? They are sweet, adorable and make you go awwwwwwwwwww and ria likes all things awwwwww! 😀

awwww-ness taken from the project’s facebook page! ❤

She is doing a Parent and Child Cheek to Cheek photo contest (details are over at her page that I have linked above!) but I want to extend it to all of you. Got a cute cheek to cheek picture with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, niece, nephew, kid, friend or pet or even your ugly dolls or stuffed toys? I wanna see it! Send it to me at riatarded (at) gmail (dot) com and obviously send your pictures with the little people to Megan (digitalmail (at) meganbroutian (dot) com) or you could send them to me and then I could send them to her. Technicalities, technicalities eh? 😉

So, the past one week has been a rather bumpy one here in TO. From a flooded Union station to shootings at Eaton Centre to shootings near the Scarborough Town Centre. To be honest, I teared up yesterday when I heard about the guy who passed away because of the shootings at the Eaton Centre. It made me angry and sad at the same time. What is this world coming to? I don’t want to have to hear about people dying… I want all of this to stop.

On a more personal front, t’s father passed away recently and I hope that he is in a better place now. Lots of love to you and your family T.

How has your week been? Let me know and yes, do send me the photos! Thanks! I’ll be putting them up on this blog! 🙂