Things that make internet a scary place

I was going to think of an opening paragraph but I couldn’t so here is the list… [No I am not trying to be ‘unintentionally’ funny, I really couldn’t!]

5) Creepy stalkers

If you think creepy stalkers are only the stuff of Hollywood movies, think again. Funnily Hollywood has now romanticized the notion of being a stalker, what with Edward watching Bella as she sleeps? *SHUDDERS*

But I am not talking about Edward nor am I talking about the kind of stalkers who from time to time leak nudies of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, which by the way we all know you immensely enjoyed! and the multibillion porn industry thanks you for your pervy pursuits!

I am talking about real life murderous stalkers like this guy who killed his EX girlfriend (which she obviously was for a reason, you psycho!) because he couldn’t tolerate her posting pictures of herself with her new boyfriend on Facebook.

Now, I am not saying that social networking sites are bad but keep your personal information to yourself and if your ex shows murderous tendencies then block him/her.

4) Scams

Although, people are aware that internet scams are abound, an alarming number of people still manage to get conned.

I, for one, never believed that anyone could fall for or for that matter even be using the ‘Oh! I sent you a cheque for more than what you asked for, now please transfer the rest through Western Union’ trick until someone tried to do it to me! Even sent me the cheque! If you think something is amiss then run a google search about the scam. Most sites like Craigslist do have a scam warning section.By the way Craigslist,between you and I, you are one of the spammiest websites I have ever seen!

3) Pedophiles 

When it comes to creepy and bizzare people, internet has seen more than it’s fair share but what I still fail to comprehend is why would adults want to molest kids. Just talking about it makes me shudder and makes me want to throw up!

While Herbert the Pervert is all funny and fine and dandy, the real life pedophiles are more like this guy.

2) Internet gaming = dying babies?

Whoever would have thought that this was even remotely possible! In 2010, a couple in South Korea neglected their 3 month old daughter while they raised an e-child in a game. And the nominees for the parents of the year award are…

And the number 1 reason that makes internet a scary scary place is… 

1) Children having access to the internet

Back in high school, a friend of mine introduced me to a mildly violent internet game (I can’t recall the name) and when you logged on to the site they asked you whether you were 18 years of age or above. The first time I logged in I was terrified (not because of the sh*tty effects but due to the age restriction), I even contemplated asking my mom for permission!

However, that’s not the case these days and parents, if you honestly think your little ones are online just playing Ben 10 games and listening to Polly Pocket then boy are you mistaken!

I have taught a couple of kids and their normal way of talking goes something like this…

I wish I could say this was the case with just one or two children but sadly it isn’t. Talking like that may still be ok. after all, what do I know I am just an old lady stuck in the body of a 24 year old. However, these kids are a target of all the perverts and pedophiles lurking in the dark and the not so dark corners (twitter) of the internet and though the kids may believe that cursing and swearing makes them all grown up (after all adults do it!) they really are kids!

And believe you me they can go to crazy extents to look cool amongst their peers!

Don’t believe me? Just log on to twitter or tumblr and explore the world of pre teens 🙂

So what’s on your list?



Cyber M-O-N-D-A-Y! what did you get?

I didn’t get much except a very very awesome deal from tofugu to learn Japanese. It’s called textfugu and if you want to learn Japanese I suggest that you should check it out. Of course I am using some other sources to learn Japanese too and if you need help just let me know!

Tofugu offers some free lessons as well. Over the next few weeks I will do some reviews to help others. However, I think it’s going to be positive and no Tofugu isn’t paying me to do this.

There was a lot of stuff that I wanted to buy but I didn’t need it and hence I decided against it. One of my goals for this month and next year is to do my bit to reduce the crazy consumerism. While modern life has provided us with a lot of comforts (God bless the people who came up with the dishwasher and the laundry machine!) we need to minimize if not curb unnecessary consumerism.

Also, I got a call regarding a job interview today and yes I was delighted but before calling me the HR manager dropped me an email so that I could get in touch with her. However, when I tried to call her, the call kept getting transferred to the voicemail. The HR manager had explicitly stated in her email that if I don’t call her by today, then they won’t reschedule the interview (it was a telephonic interview). Since, I was unable to get through to her I dropped her an email asking her about what I should do in such a situation. She replied immediately and wrote a 2 page long email regarding the importance of leaving voice messages (which for the record i did). Hmmm did she really think that I didn’t know how to leave a message?

Not only that, she called me after an hour or so and lectured me on the importance of voice mail. GOD! I knew better than to argue but it was annoying!

Has this ever happened to you?

And if you are learning Japanese do get in touch with me, I am currently trying to find people I can learn with. Moreover, would you like me to start another sub section to help people learn Japanese? Let me know!

Oh and here is a list of things that put the geez in technology!

What inspires you?

I keep coming across blogs and books advertising that they will give you ideas for your blog and teach you how to come up with new ideas. BULLSH*T! I’ve read a few of such books, which I shall not mention here, but they have little or nothing to teach you.

For starters it’s your blog, you don’t need to read a book to get ideas. Just look around you and your life is filled with ideas. You just need to find a source of inspiration. However, if you really need ideas then just read the gazillions of blog articles available for free!

Another thing about these blogs is that they seem to harbor the notion that any successful blogger just needs to keep on creating. That’s so not true! Not creating is better than creating just for the sake of creating!

You must have something that you want to talk about, a point you want to get across or a message you want to deliver to your readers. Inspiration could come from anywhere; books, magazines, travel trips, daily life or even dreams.

Personally, my two favorite sources of inspirations are daily life and dreams. I love reading blogs and books that are true to normal life because that is something that you can relate to. Real life doesn’t have to be dull and drab, there are plenty of interesting things that happen in everyone’s life, you just have to take the time to notice them.

Dreams inspire me because my dreams are my goals. They give me an indication of what i want to achieve in real life. This may sound ridiculous but I keep a notebook under my pillow so that if I wake up in the middle of the night I could just scribble my idea in it. Seems to work just fine for me. Bet no book gave you that idea, did they? 😉

Happy blogging and writing, remember to Keep It Real! Don’t Just create for the sake of creating.

So, what inspires you?

Sigh… HELP!

Apart from the fact that I love Peanuts, the word sigh aptly summarizes a lot of emotions that I am currently experiencing.

For starters, as most of you will know, we are now in the last week of NaNoWriMo and I am still trying to hit 40000. When will I ever reach 50000? How many of you have reached 50000? What are your plans for the last week of NaNoWriMo? Do you think you will be able to finish it? Questions, questions, questions… Sigh.

Secondly, I downloaded korean actor Jang Keun Suk‘s official app and guess what? it’s mainly in Korean! horaaay! whoopdef***ingdo! Don’t you think this warrants another sigh? No? Oh and the app isn’t free:) Sigh.

Moreover, I honestly have no idea what I want in life at the moment and I am afraid that I won’t be able to accomplish all that I want. Action plans are fine and dandy but are of little value in real life (or at the moment for me at least).

Normal blog posts will resume shortly. Meanwhile let me know about your NaNoWriMo progress and tell me how do you guys deal with the ‘sigh’ moments in your life.

Getting over a heart break 101

A heartbreak isn’t always necessarily caused by your better half. Sadly friends, family or anyone who is close to you or who you give a crap about can easily do it. Ah! life. But you need to be able to get over it. Here’s what happened…

A few days back I spoke to a friend whom I have not spoken to in a few months because well we fought. I know it seems childish and immature but people can be really immature and dealing with it is a part of life. A couple of months back this friend of mine was giving me sh*t and when I asked why, she told me that I should try to understand her because she was having a bad day. However she had been giving me sh*t for quite some time then and I believe I said something along the lines of, “Well you must be having a really bad life then because you are always throwing your crap around!” OUCH! I know, it isn’t one of my proudest moments and I feel bad but I have already apologized countless times and if she can’t forgive me then there is only so much that I can do! However, I am not one to give up easily and I will keep trying as long as I can! That conversation was followed by her blocking me from facebook, skype and such.

This happened about 3 months ago and a few days back I finally mustered up the courage to ask her if she is feeling alright now and the response I got was, “I am ok”. So i told myself see that wasn’t so bad and  maybe I can ask her if she has forgiven me because it has been 3 months. Sadly the response I got was, “I know and i don’t care!”. Another OUCH moment! I am a very emotional person and obviously I felt bad and heart broken. Hence i took out my recipe book and looked up the recipe to deal with a heart break and here I am sharing it with you now. Hope this helps 😉 

Amazingly swearing has a really therapeutic effect! Throw talking a good friend into the mix and you are good to go. However, the ‘talking to a friend’ ingredient should be added depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Follow this recipe as and when required and I can promise you it will yield results and will get you from…


How do you get over a situation like this?

P.S: Don’t overdo the ice cream bit in the recipe! Watch that waistline 😉

Is social media taking over your life?

This is what my morning routine is like…

… and I can’t help but notice that this is an all too common story. With the plethora of technology and social networking sites available these days, technology has more or less taken over our lives!

Do you remember what life was like before Twitter or Facebook?

My first experience with social networking was via Friendster back in 2004, which for the record doesn’t even exist anymore! And then came along Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and finally Google Plus. The only one that I personally like is Twitter. Facebook was fun at first but then i grew up and it lost its charm and to be honest I have no interest in visiting farms!

Don’t get me wrong, I think social media is wonderful because it gives power to the ordinary man to be heard and yadayadaya but that was before celebrities started getting twitter and my whole timeline got filled with crap about them! Honestly, WHO THE HELL CARES!? Apparently, a lot of people!

I’ve met some really wonderful people through twitter and I am really glad that I joined it! However, you can’t let social media take over your life! Just yesterday I was reading a blog by someone you could call a moderately famous blogger and they stated that people are breaking up over social media. That is something my 18 year old self could have totally related to but my 24 year old self fails to comprehend it. What the…

Moreover, people complain that others gossip about them based on what they have said on Facebook/Twitter. Either don’t say it or just don’t care about what others have to say because people say a lot of things. I’ve never been the one to hide my feelings and I am usually very open about how I feel, if I feel like telling my friends I love them then I will just do it on Facebook or wherever. People can think whatever the hell they want but telling people that you want to hump them on their Facebook wall is what I would classify as going a little overboard but HEY! to each their own. If you feel like doing it, just do it, as long as you are not implicating others or hurting others. As I always say, screw morality and society because if you can’t be nice and understanding towards other human beings then what good is a sense of morality and righteousness?

So leave me a comment letting me know what your morning rituals are like and if social networking is a part of it!

Childhood Crushes

This post is in response to Tinkerbelle‘s post labelled Childhood Crushes on Brooke and McKenzie. If you already don’t read their blogs then you totally should!

When it comes to childhood crushes, I have got a few tales to tell. My first ever crush was on a Pakistani Singer/Philanthropist, Shehzad Roy. I was still rather young when he first came to the music scene.

I used to sit in front of the TV and belt out my own renditions of his songs. Ok I kid I kid, I wasn’t that little, it was probably more like this…

I was a tween not yet a teen (I am not a girl not yet a woman lalalalalalala) I used to belt out his songs whilst pretending to be playing an imaginary guitar! Even memorized all of his songs! Ah! Those were the days 😛

I was madly and deeply infatuated! My cousins used to tell me that I was crazy and that at this rate I was going to go mad!

At first, it was all fine and dandy and I only bought his posters but then he became like my very own version of crack and i started buying his CDs, all the magazines with his interviews and even religiously cutting out clippings from newspapers. I couldn’t even go two days without listening to his songs. The height of my obsession was when a girl at school claimed that she had his number and I actually paid her money to get the number, but alas! it didn’t work. And what happened after that?

I grew up!

However, back in 2009 I joined twitter and was browsing through accounts to follow and came across his account and thus began my RE-obsession with my first ever crush. Time to fish out those posters and put them up on my wall again 😛

His most amazing work to date is his Zindagi Foundation, which is a non profit organization that aims to provide quality education for underprivileged children. Cynics may say that, “Oh but others have already tried providing education for the underprivileged, it’s not going to change anything in Pakistan, so what’s the big deal?” But if all of us thought that way then no one will ever dare to dream and make a change!

So, Yes! 16 years and I still got a crush on my first ever crush! And to me that just shows loyalty rather than being pathetic!

How about you? Any crushes you just can’t get over? And do you smile like a creep aka me every time you see them?

Are you a cat person? No? Ah! A dog person then!

I find it funny how people readily assume that if you aren’t a dog person then you must be a cat person. How about neither?

My neighbour is a cat lover and has more than a few cats at home. Our first meeting took place because of cats. Yup! how unfortunate! One poor feline was stuck on my balcony and my neighbor saw it while smoking on her balcony. Being a cat lover she couldn’t bear to see a feline in distress and jumped to her rescue and came knocking on my door, with her two cats in tow.

I was sleeping at that time and didn’t really want to open my door but she knocked constantly for 10 minutes. Yes, i timed it -_- When I finally opened the door she rushed into my apartment without even asking for my permission and brought the cat in. She then thrust the cat into my arms and asked me if  I am a dog person and when I said no, this is what she said…

I was just speechless!

Ever heard of shades of grey? Maybe i am just a hamster person. Why isn’t that term used? Or maybe i am a bug person? And to all of you who have been asking me, the only cat I like for now is the Nyan Cat and that’s that!

Justin Bieber is the father of Mariah Yeater’s child!

Ok now that i have your attention can i just say how much I HATE IT when people use misleading titles to get traffic on their blog or YouTube?

This is what happens to me, every time I click on a link that has nothing to do with the title!

It is frustrating! and more often than not these sites have really boring content! So if you are one of those people, can you please stop doing that and post some interesting content? You do not have to talk about celebrities to catch my attention! Although that is high on the list 😉